And He Hates St. Thomas and Thomism! Soooo, How is He On our side?

From "Just a Catholic":

 In that article, the staunchly Neoplatonist Coulombe pours scorn on the “Aristotelian” philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas, which he denounces variously as “ill-fitted for Catholics,” “simply untrue,” and “a recipe for disaster” ultimately responsible for “devastating” Christendom. “St. Thomas’ canonisation,” he laments, “and the employment of his philosophy (or, to be more accurate, more or less distorted versions of it) in the Counter-Reformation, seemed to grant it official status, as though it were THE Catholic philosophy.” By Coulombe’s reckoning, Christianity has been spiralling into ruin ever since: Thomism “contributed to the decline of the Church… [and] rocked the very foundations of both the Medieval Church and State,” he writes.

The only way to arrest and reverse this alleged decline is to repudiate Thomism and embrace the “Magical world-view” of the Golden Dawn instead; such is the argument strongly implied in the essay quoted above, and made explicitly in “The Esoteric Orthodoxy of Catholicism,” a 1990 article penned by Coulombe for the sixteenth issue of (the now-defunct) Gnosis magazine, in which he (reportedly)[3] wrote:

“One cannot tell with complete accuracy what will happen. But we can know what must happen if the Church is to function properly. She must return to the… magical view of life; and the process of baptizing Hermeticism, interrupted by the Reformation, must be completed.”

A rhetorical sleight of hand is at work here, since the Protestant “Reformation” can really only be said to have halted “the process of baptizing Hermeticism” inasmuch as it provoked the Catholic Counter-Reformation inaugurated by the Council of Trent, whereat — as Pope Leo XIII noted in his (forcefully Thomistic) encyclical Aeterni Patris — “the Fathers of Trent made it part of the order of conclave to lay upon the altar, together with sacred Scripture and the decrees of the supreme Pontiffs, the Summa of Thomas Aquinas, whence to seek counsel, reason, and inspiration.”


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