Rome is in Apostasy! Why are we still "confused" 34 years later?


  1. Because this council of Vatican II was not an inspiration from the Holy Ghost but from the evil modernists Free Masons... This is a complete destruction of the doctrinal teachings of the Church, and even the teachings of Christ covered under some orthodox teachings to avoid being recognized for whom they were... apostates... Like Bishop Sanborn says: You will always find a Catholic "sandwich".... but in that sandwich you have poison.... heresies, double sense terms .... Take one dogma and change one word.... and change the complete meaning.... The Catholic Church is the Church of Christ.... No.... these apostates changes.... the verb Is... and replaces it with subsists.... There is a truth.... than they had BUT.... and they say the opposite of what they just alluded.... How can there not be..... confusion..... The whole documents of Vatican II are fully with this.... Yes... but....Yes....but.... yes... but..... We call this gobblegook language ....This is intended by the modernists to destroy the true Catholic teachings....
    They also contradicted the teachiings of the Popes with doctrines condemned by popes: A. Freedom of religion .... condemned by Pius IX in Quanta Curra... They took that document almost word for word at the Council and made word for word changes to approve what He condemned. ...They promulgated ecumenism.... condemned by Pius X in Mortalium Animos... they changed the definition of the Church.... in Mystici Corporis Christi of Pius XII.... These Modernists are evil crooks....

  2. "Why are we still confused 34 years later?" Because 2/3 of the churchmen are in APOSTASY and be the member of the Freemason & Pedophiles/Faggot Club. That's why!!! They are no longer the churchmen or shepherds but the TROJAN HORSES infiltrated to destroy the church from within. The inner circle enemies are far more dangerous than the outer circle enemies. This man is a Saint, a Prophet of our time that God sent to help us but we are TOO STUPID TO RECOGNIZE HIM ON TIME AND NOW THE CONSEQUENCES ARE OVERWHELMING TO COPE. IS THERE ANY BACKBONE BISHOPS OR CARDINALS OR PRIESTS OUT THERE TO STAND UP RESIST AND EXPOSE THEM? NO. ONLY ONE PRIEST WHO FIGHTING BY HIS PEN TO WAKE AND EXPLAIN TO THE CATHOLICS THAT VATICAN II AND FRANCIS ARE NOT CATHOLICS OR TRUE CHURCH, THAT'S FATHER KRAMER. READ HIS BOOKS FOLKS. READ HIS BOOKS AND SUPPORT HIM IN ALL WAY. AND SUPPORT THIS WEBSITE. YOU GOT ONLY TWO LEFT TO FIGHT FOR YOU. THE REST ARE SISSY-WIMPY BARKING-DOG DON'T BITE.

    1. "This man is a saint..." Please, do not preempt the judgment of the Church. You are not allowed to, there are the "Decrees of Urban VIII". No one can proclaim another person a saint without recourse to the decisions of Holy Mother Church. You will eventually find that he is not a saint, read the accounts from those who have known him, not only those on SSPX websites. He was not perfect. It is not about "following Archbishop Lefebvre". It's about following the REAL Catholic Church which is only made up of those who believe in the Catholic faith, just as the catechism says.

    2. Vatican II will never canonize a real SAINT to be a SAINT. So, you can wait until your VATICAN II LUCIFER CHURCH TO REPENT AND COME BACK TO THE TRUE CHURCH FOR THAT. I know anyone who are in Heaven are called SAINTS.

      If Archbishop Lefebvre did not fight to keep the TRUE MASS until today, the church and you would be long gone.


      Like it or not that is your own problem. I don't care of heretics and the enemy inside or outside of the Catholic. I keep my Faith and I practice my Faith accordingly to the traditionally had taught.

  3. Why are we (they) still confused?

    Because too many people hang onto the words of one man, even 30 years after his death, when the situation concerning the Church and the world at large is significantly worse than when he spoke those words.

    Who, although he said that Rome (which is code for “pope”) had lost the faith and is in apostasy (and had also called John Paul II an antichrist), subsequently referred to him as the “Holy Father”. The logical question to ask is: Which one is it: apostasy/antichrist, or Holy Father? The answer you receive is a condescending and cultish “oh, you don’t understand”, or “it’s more complicated”, or “do you think you know better than Bishop/Father X”. Just blindly follow, and keep quiet.

    The result of which is that now we have a significant number of people claiming to be “traditional Catholic” but believe that the Church can err and that popes can be heretics, and that we’ve had heretic popes in the past. This is a rejection of basic Catholic teachings that can be found in any catechism or other Catholic book published before Vatican II.

    That is why there is confusion.

    1. Wait... Do you think you know better than Archbishop Lefebvre?!

      Hahaha. Heehee.


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