Francis Definitely Has No Doubts About Global Warming, but Does Believe that the Flood at the Time of Noah May Have Been a Myth and the Faithful Themselves May Think That the Faith itself is Based Upon a Myth.

Here is the Daily Mail's account of the relevant portion of the interview given by Francis to the journalist, Marco Pozza: 

"He [Francis] also calls for patience in faith, saying that it is a natural part of belief for Christians to have doubts in their faith and in God.

But the truly faithful, he says, persevere in their beliefs despite their doubts and are in the end rewarded.

While discussing justice, Francis brings up the example of the biblical flood which destroyed the world except for Noah - who was deemed virtuous enough to survive.

The flood itself may have been a myth, Francis says, but it is used as an example to show how God uses wrath to punish injustice and right wrongs in the world.

'God's wrath is against injustice , against Satan,' he says."


  1. Let's count the errors. Natural to doubt God, flood "may" have been a myth, God uses wrath to punish injustice and Satan? How can there be anyone following this man?

  2. Francis apparently just thinks LGBT when he sees a rainbow, but the significance for faithful Catholics is that it signifies God's promise never to destroy the world again by a flood. Then, again, Sacred Scripture isn't one of Bergoglio's strong points.

  3. The Cabal within the Vatican are clearly angry that they will not be in the new Ark which is the Heavenly Mother´s Ark so they strike out at old Noah. Pretend it did not happen and it will not happen again. The Cabal are on a leaky sinking ship with no one to rescue them.


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