As if the World were not Evil and Sick Enough, Now We have Satan Sneakers with Human Blood in the Soles! All 666 Specialty Sneakers Sold Out.



  1. And the stupid Americans are the first ones who will buying it. No wonder why, the Catholic Mystics had prophesized that God will take 2/3 of them out. Pray and do penance so that Our Lady and St. Joseph will intercede for us to be spared when the Wrath of God come.

    1. The facts are these:
      (1) The Conciliar Church is not the Catholic Church since Vatican II. The only resemblance is the buildings;
      (2) It is infested with Homosex Prelates spewing false sacraments led by a series of increasingly Fake Popes, Prelates and Priests. The obvious majority of which are Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.
      (3) Our Lady of Fatima has lowered her arms and She is allowing increasing self-induced chastisements to rain down upon us from her Son;
      (4) Why now? WE EARNED IT! Nations can't DISS, HIDE, and/or IGNORE Her at Vatican 2 and then blow off her Fatima requests with impunity, while disappearing and replacing her authentic messenger, the real Sister Lucy..with an OBVIOUS IMPOSTER.
      This one act is enough to send every prelate in the Conciliar Church straight to HELL...
      (5) America has led herself and the West to utter morally depravity and bankruptcy as a nation(s). You can't allow, condone and support the blatant murder of 60 million + innocents I/N/O of "Personal Freedom" and/or "Choice" without paying a terrible price either NOW or LATER....
      (6) IT"S NOW TIME. With a few exceptions only God is going to change this.....and NOT the legions of Armchair Patriots in front of their TV's, or armed with their refreshments, I-pads and Cell Phones....blathering rage....but....moral cowards all....signifying Nothing but noxious Gas.

      Barring an intervention by Our Lord and/or His Mother....Stick a fork in it....We Are Done!
      To Paraphrase an old Wall Street Firm's classic TV commercial... to wit.....


      May Our Lady of Fatima have mercy on us and protect Her Son's faithful children


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