American Church Membership Falls Below 50% for first time in Gallup polling. Decrease in "Catholic" Attendance is Double the Decrease in Protestant Attendance. Most of Hispanics "Unchurched."


  1. Oh the Judgement of God; I tremble! The General Judgement includes the forward impact of a soul on future generations after the death of the person when they receives the Particular Judgement (Catechism of Trent). So we can surmise that the millions of souls lost due to the liberal Catholic revolution will be horrific on the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, especially for the Modernist Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious orders that went along with the revolution with full knowledge what they were doing.

    Let us pray and do penance, especially this Holy Week!

    Our Lady of Sorrows!
    Pray for us

  2. They are working very hard to shut down all the TRADITIONAL MASS so that the real Catholics will have no where to go to keep the Faith. May Our Lady smash their heads sooner rather than later. The longer it dragging out, the more people will die and lost their souls to Satan. His Antichrists are so busy in all countries, all governments, all sectors, and in all levels. Hardly we can find one righteous person now ever... May Our Lady come quickly with her victory.

    1. Well, the sedevacantists Mass Chapels are open and running pretty much on time. We do not recognize and resist the "pope" like the SSPX heretics and Neo-Modernists in the Fatima Center. The so-called Popes have all been heretics since John XXIII. "I will strike the shepherd and scatter the sheep".


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