A Lenten Appeal to Cardinal Bertone from Sister Lucy Truth.



  1. I always thought Bertone had the sinister look of a Satanist. I could pictur him as the high priest of Satanic Black Mass offering up murdered children to his infernal Master.

    1. He is a diabolical possessed Freemason. His entire life, he worked to destroy Our Lady messages and destroying the church. The devil can be seen through his eyes, his voice, his gestures. Any Exorcist-Priests or Exorcist-Bishops can confirm that. Even though if you are not Catholic, you can base on the words of Christ "LOOK AT THE FRUIT TO KNOW THE TREE..." All his fruits proved that his tree is Satan.

    2. Bertone gave Fr. Gruner nothing but Hell and blocked Fr. Gruner in everyway that he could. Now both dead, one is in Heaven and other is in Hell. If you want to know about a soul that passed away and where he is---Pray, God will let you know that soul is in Heaven or not. I did, Fr. Gruner helps me daily in spiritual way--I know he is in Heaven, even in my sickness, he helped me recovery very well. I pray Rosary everyday and I added a prayer for his soul and Archbishop Lefebrve at the end, always. We are not done. His job is not done, the fact that Dr. Chojnowski, come out and fight for the true Sister Lucia, I believe that the intervention of Fr. Gruner. Like he said "we are not done until the Blessed Virgin Mary got the victory and the consecration be done..."


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