1957- "The Last Interview of Sister Lucy of Fatima" - Updated. Forget "Diabolical Disorientation," these are the Last Words to the World of Sister Lucy of Fatima.


  1. Not only did the Synagogue and their Freemasonic henchmen want to silence Sr Lucia, it appears they wanted Padre Pio to die in 1968, just before he could denounce the evil imposition of a phony mass and invalid sacramental rites on the entire Catholic world: padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Who_Poisoned_Padre_Pio_.html

    1. They had killed and continuously killing all the saints, prophets, holy priests, holy bishops because as long as those "saintly persons are still alive" the church teachings and the truth will always circulate to the Catholics. And their "messiah" of the Cabals will never can be ruled the world and their NWO will never be success... Satanic race, satanic religion is the caused of all evil. Jesus Christ did not call them out on their faces "Your father is Satan" for no reason.

  2. I totally agree with the basic premise that Sister Lucy was replaced by an imposter, and that her interview with Fr. Fuentes is the last we have from her. However, I don't believe it's at all beyond the realm of possibility that those responsible for the deception would have had her private papers at their disposal, and use phrases from them here and there to further the ruse, much in the way she continued to wear a traditional habit (albeit sometimes sloppily) to help advance the simulation convincingly.

    Hence, while most of what came from the mouth and pen of the post-1957 "Sister Lucy" said amounted to platitudes that would support the Modernist revolution with all its works and pomps, taking a few authentic quotes from the real Lucy's unpublished writings that would add plausibility for traditional Catholics, such as "diabolical disorientation" (that could point to the doctrinal confusion that reigned during Vatican II, and which if it had been written prior to the council could have been meant to serve as a warning) or how "the the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family", which seems to fit what we're seeing happening today.


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