Wondering How Far the Distortion of the Divine Order is Going to Go? When or How Will the Created Order Push Back? Face it. In 1984, We Would Never Have Thought This Was Coming.



  1. Funny yet true, this is where rejection of God leads. It leads to the denial of reality itself. At this rate, 50 years from now running water, flush toilets and electricity will be relics of the past.
    Donkast- the blonde in the photo is a man who thinks he is a woman. I think he has even gone so far to have surgery to his privates to look like a woman. The overall picture is from the movie 1984 where Winston is tortured until he admits that someone with 2 finger extended has 3 fingers showing. Winston is asked "how many finger am I holding up?" Repeatedly until he answers with the lie and believes it.

  2. When man rejected God, this is what they will embrace themselves with. Man changed to woman and vice versa. Good is called bad and vice versa. True God was casted out and red carpet welcome Satan in... Birth is no longer a blessing but a curse that needs to be aborted... 2 + 2 equal anything but 4... Old age and suffering is not offered up for sacrifice but must eliminate... When the Shepherd became wolf, the sheep be slaughtered. All of these warnings should never become reality if the Popes and Bishops of the Catholic Church keep the faith as those ancient disciples. God sent His own Mother to teach man how to avoid the "wrath of God" but they mocked Her, insulted Her, and ignored Her to this very hour. So bis, let them enjoy the taste of hell right here on earth stupid stiff neck "chosen ones" Oh yes, they claimed they are chosen ones, who chose them.? Definitely not God for God called them out "Your father is Satan..."


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