Francis says that if You DO NOT Accept Vatican II's teaching as it is interpreted by the "Magisterium," You are not Catholic. As for Us at RadTrad Thomist, We Stand Against You and the Heretical Teachings of Vatican II.

Dr. Chojnowski: This demand that those who identify as "Catholic" accept Vatican II TEACHING as the post-Vatican II "Magisterium" accepts and teaches it, has been a consistent claim and demand since 1966 when Paul VI first stated it after he closed Vatican II on December 8, 1965. 

"There are those who ask themselves what the authority, the theological qualification, that the Council wanted to attribute to its teachings, knowing that it has avoided giving solemn dogmatic definitions, committing the infallibility of the ecclesiastical magisterium. And the answer is known to those who remember the conciliar declaration of 6 March 1964, repeated on 16 November 1964: given the pastoral character of the Council, it avoided pronouncing in an extraordinary way dogmas endowed with the note of infallibility; but it has nevertheless furnished its teachings with the authority of the supreme ordinary magisterium, which ordinary and so obviously authentic magisterium must be received docilely and sincerely by all the faithful, according to the mind of the Council concerning the nature and purposes of the individual documents.

We must enter into the spirit of these basic criteria of the ecclesiastical magisterium, and increase in our souls the trust in the guidance of the Church on the sure paths of faith and of the Christian life. If this is done by good Catholics, the good children of the Church and especially the scholars, theologians, the teachers, the speakers of the Word of God, not that the students and the researchers themselves of the authentic doctrine born of the Gospel and professed by the Church, to hope that faith and with it the Christian life and also the civil life will have great refreshment, precisely that which derives from the truth that saves. Because truly the "Spirit of the Council" wants to be the Spirit of truth ( Io.16 , 13).

May Our Blessing help you understand this Spirit and make it your own [emphasis mine]." 

Dr. Chojnowski: In other words, if you do not accept the TEACHINGS OF VATICAN II, you are not a "Catholic." But if the teachings of Vatican II are heretical and totally contrary to traditional Catholic teaching, what are the choices? When are we going to recognize the obvious fact that you must either accept the teachings of Vatican II and fit into the ecclesiastical organization that those novel teachings have created, or you must totally reject Vatican II and refuse membership in the ecclesiastical organization that this totally novel teaching has created. What else? How do we even conceptualize being Catholic unless we see ourselves as holding pure doctrine in a Church without blemish? Of course, we are not talking about the personal sins of the members of the Catholic Church, are we? We are talking about being part of a Church whose doctrine, sacraments, sacramental forms, worship, liturgical forms, moral teachings, and ecclesiastical disciplines are acceptable to God, in accordance with the tradition of the Church, and perfectly in accord with the religion reaching back to the Apostles. Otherwise, we are morally required to say that, you or we would not be Catholic. 


  1. Sedevacantism is the only answer! Only they have valid Holy Orders and therefore valid Sacraments. Read the exhortation of St. Paul in Romans 16:17--avoid false teachers!

  2. Yes, only the Vatican II Conciliar church of gays, lesbians, sodomites, pedophiles, communists, atheists, satanists, modernists, zionists, globalists, freemasons, luciferians, jewish kabbalah, abortionists, liars, thieves, murders, warmongers, genociders, socerers, blasphemers, apostates... are real catholic according to the definition of the Anti-Pope Francis and Anti-Christ Francis. That guy is a joke. He is 100% a toolbag of the Jewish New World Disorder/Luciferian-Freemasonry. Pray for him to repent or pray that Our Lady crush his head soon, one way or another.
    Either he repent and convert now or he must be eliminated for he is a real threat for 8 billions
    people living on this planet. How long will God put up with him? God will not be mocked forever!

  3. Paul VI mentionned that he did quite a few extraordinary magisterium acts in that council.... As a matter of fact all his documents were attested to be legal by his authority as pope.... It is false to say that he said it was just pastoral.... There is no such thing as a pastoral only, council.... Every council had pastoral.... This pastoral idea is an invention of SSPX.

  4. Francis is a very evil antipope. People who follow him and his heretical ideas, should know better. He is a globalist and works for them. He also makes shady deals, has secret meetings with evil people and groups that are anti-Christian and anti-Catholic. Bottom line, Francis does not work for your best interest or for your soul.


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