"Democracy is the absolutely worst governance: nevertheless aristocracy is seen to be more pernicious for the Church. Indeed the supreme evil for the Church is heresy. " St. Robert Bellermine put on the Marshall/Matt No Fly List! Definitely NOT PC.


"Those who argue that a true pope can fall into heresy as a private person but not as pope, and that he while still pope can be judged by a council, destroy their own argument; because as pope he cannot err in his judgment, and it pertains to his authority to pronounce that infallible judgment with finality. If a validly reigning pontiff could be judged by a council for heresy, the divinely instituted supreme authority of the ecclesiastical monarchy would be subverted and destroyed by being made ultimately subject to the aristocratic authority of the bishops assembled in a council — an aristocratic authority which would be the worst possible for the Church, as St. Robert Bellarmine explains:

Democracy is the absolutely worst governance: nevertheless aristocracy is seen to be more pernicious for the Church. Indeed the supreme evil for the Church is heresy: heresy is stirred up by higher-ups rather than by common men. Certainly nearly all the heresiarchs, were either bishops or priests; accordingly some heresies are as factions of the leaders, without which there would not be rebellions of peoples in the Church. But factions never arise more easily and more frequently than when the higher-ups rule, as can be established not only by experience and by the testimony of the philosophers, but even by the admission of Calvin himself in lib. 4. Institut. cap. 20. §. 8.[3]"

Dr. Chojnowski: Many juicy statements from the Doctor of the Papacy -- Feast Day May 13th the day of the first Apparition at Fatima. He expresses the judgment of the ages when he says that "Democracy is the absolutely worst governance." Clearly he is speaking about the government of the State. He cites, however aristocracy, government by the noble or exalted few, as the worst form of government for the Catholic Church. The reason he gives such a damning indictment of a republican government for the Church is because such a state encourages the "exalted" to form factions [no doubt true] and "factionalism," especially when found in the Catholic Church, will ultimately end up in governmental and doctrinal factionalism (i.e., schism and heresy). St. Robert Bellermine identifies HERESY as the greatest evil for the Church. Something that is no longer recognized even by most "traditional Catholics." Unity of the Faith, clearly is intimately and necessarily related to unity with the possessor of the papal monarchy. Clearly, Bellermine indicates that there can be no other source of unity for true Catholics. In Christ's providential will for His Church, He guaranteed the unity of the Faith by guaranteeing the unity of the Church around the Roman Pontiff. The unicity of the Faith is guaranteed by the unicity of perfectly unified government. You cannot get more unified than by having one man as supreme, infallible, authority over matters of Catholic doctrine.


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