Trump Riot Watch Party. No Friends, Contrary to what the Ridiculous Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt, and Chris Ferrara were telling you, Trump is no Charlemagne and the Trumps are no Carolingians. Comfortably in a Tent watching TV while their Supporters Get Killed or Engage in Insurrection.


  1. Ferrara, Matt, and Marshal don't see Francis for who he is, does anyone think they will see Trump for who he really is? Eyes wide shut

  2. This video was taken just before Trump’s scheduled speech earlier in the afternoon and before the planned false flag at the Capitol Bldg., where they let people walk right in to a live session of Congress unimpeded.

    1. Yes, very obviously staged, and the "conservative" Fox News and even One America News are not permitted by the Cabal that owns them as "controlled opposition" to report the obvious. There were most likely Trump supporters who got deceptively lured into the break-in, but it was planned and executed by Demoncrat Antifa, BLM, and other revolutionary devils at the exact time when testimony re- the voter fraud was beginning. Cui bono? Who benefits? Only the Luciferian Cabal and their Demoncrat foot soldiers.

  3. America has entered the Twilight Zone where up is down and down is sideways.


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