The Mob seemed to have had a Plan after all. Get Pence. Otherwise, it was not much of a Coup attempt. Makes me think there is More to Come.

Apparently, the task of getting Mike Pence was one of the main reasons for breaching the Capital Building.

Vice President, reportedly, feared for his life as the mobs went through the halls of Congress shouting, "Where's Mike Pence?"

This event seems to have followed hours at the White House in which he told Trump he did not have the power under the constitution to throwout the certified electoral votes of the various states. 


  1. Another theory why there was a mob:

  2. Trump NEVER asked Pence to throw out electors. Everyone ,especially Trump knew he did not have the Constitutional authority to do that. He asked him to delay the proceedings for 10 days so that the electoral decisions could return to the states. Pennsylvania and Arizona 's legislatures were prepared to convene ( finally) .Pence wrote that letter to make everyone think that Trump asked him to illegally throw out electors, and it looks like you fell for it. too. Pence was always a neocon globalist at best, and probably just an evil compromised deep state-r. Oh and also a failed Catholic evangelical. That should tell you something


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