Vigano and Taylor Marshall show their true Novus Ordo stripes at the Inter-religious Prayer Meeting in Washington, D.C. No true Catholic could ever participate in an event like this. Selling out the Faith of Our Fathers for Republican Party Pottage.


  1. Yes, the error of Americanism runs deep. It is rooted in the error of Liberalism the pre VII popes warned of before the 20 century. The Divine Physician must apply major tribulation and chastisement to cure this menace. The consecration of Russia to IHM will not save the Godless republics, including the US, but will begin true restoration to reunite Church, State, and Science, that reached full separation since 16th century. The coming consecration is about ..."restore all things in Christ"! This is our hope and prayer. Vivat Christus Rex!


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