Exclusive: Sister Lucy II told a Newly-Ordained Priest at Econe in the Year of the "Suspension" (1976) that He Should Leave the SSPX, be "Regularized" in the Conciliar Church, and say the Novus Ordo Missae. So much for being "silenced"!

Dr. Chojnowski: Information coming in about "Sister Lucy" in 1976, now identified as an imposter by Sister Lucy Truth's investigation, says that Sister Lucy II urged a recently ordained priest to leave the SSPX, rejoin the Conciliar Counterfeit Church and say the Novus Ordo Missae of Paul VI. Here is the exclusive account by Bishop Daniel Dolan to RadTrad Thomist, concerning his personal recollections of the relevant events of that fateful year. If anyone else has recollections concerning this advice from "Sister Lucy," please send us an email at justicepc@yahoo.com
Here is His Excellency's email:

The story, as I remember it, is this. Edmund Sanson was a French seminarian at Econe. He struck me as very simple, quiet and pious. He was in my year, and thus among the “twelve apostles “ ordained in that fateful June of 1976. The Suspension a divinis was quite a scandal in its day. Many Econers, lacking any real understanding of the situation in the Church, were very troubled. At some point over the next two years a classmate told me that the AbbĂ© Sanson, confused and  not sure what to do  about his situation in the Fraternity, wrote to “Sister Lucy.” She wrote back to say that he should leave the Fraternity, get regularized, and, yes, say the Novus Ordo. The Fraternity never publicized their defections, which are almost always to the left, and in the hundreds, perhaps at least half of the total number of ordinations, I estimate. In any case, to my knowledge this viva voce account is all there is. Someone else from that era may have some memory of this incident.

Acting her role to perfection. Slavish conformity to the Modernist Revolution. 


  1. That reminds me of the Southern Poverty Law Center, controlled by Jews and some Freemasonic subordinates, i.e. the traditional enemies of Christ, stating that "Catholics need to accept Vatican II."


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