What is the Fatima Message about according to the "Great Restorationist" Josef Ratzinger? It is "a story of freedom."


                                                      Well, Not Quite the Last.....
Dr. Chojnowski: Want to know what Cardinal Josef Ratzinger thought about Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun in 2000 as found in the book, God and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald (San Francisco: Ignatius Press)? We only need look in the chapter entitled, "The Mother of God." 
In response to Mr. Seewald's question on the Miracle of the Sun, Ratzinger responds, "Whatever happened or did not happen on that October 13th, from a purely scientific point of view, we have no way of knowing for certain." [Dr. Chojnowski: There was a miracle of the sun, seen by 70,000 people, reported by the New York Times. Meaning we know it for certain. It is not really rocket science.] 
"What MATTERS is that people were visibly moved by the unique EXPERIENCE of that movement." [Dr. Chojnowski: What matters, actually, is that people were moved by what they saw visibly. What is important is that the "experience" followed from the movement of the Sun, careening in to seemingly obliterate them.] 
"They were able to realize, something is happening." [Dr. Chojnowski: Yes, the sun can be looked at straight on, it "dances" in the sky, it projects colors one after another an other on everything on the ground, it appears to be crashing down causing people to expect death at any moment and pleading for mercy and making acts of faith, and then completely drying the clothes of the drenched people.  Quite "something"!]
"And in some way or other the sun became for them a sign of the mystery that lies beyond it." [Dr. Chojnowski: The point of the miracle is that it was not a "sign" that caused the terror and wonder, but the actual PHYSICAL SUN. What Modernist crap! This is exactly what the Miracle of the Sun was not supposed to be, a mere idea in someone's head. But just like the Resurrection is reduced by the Modernists to a projection of the faith of the believers, so too the greatest public miracle since the Resurrection is reduced by a Modernist to a "sign" of a "mystery."] 

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