"Universally and Pacifically Accepted Rule of Faith" Francis Endorses State-Recognized Sodomitic Unions. And Another Pillar Falls!



  1. Do we really imagine this began with Vatican II, or even Rousseau and the Enlightenment? The most exemplary and effective Catholic opponent of sodomy in the past 500 years was Savonarola who Pope Alexander VI connived to have burned. Florence had been a sodomitical utopia prior to Savonarola’s ascendance. After he was burned the gangs of “gays” were heard to exclaim, “Now we can sodomize!” The infernal marriage, beginning in the Renaissance in Italy, between the occult and the sodomites, has seldom been recorded or investigated.
    Note in Archbishop Vigano’s jeremiad contra Bergoglio's “gay civil unions" he refers to a “magic circle” directing this pope in this matter:

    1. Quite simply Michael, the man going by the name of Francis is not the Pope, he is an antipope. So only the world and it’s sycophants hang on every word of this miscreant. True Catholics know that Benedict is the True Pope. Simples and logical. FromRome.info Brother Bugnolo lays it all out.

  2. Have you noticed that lesbians tend to be more overweight than normal women, and drink and use drugs more? Because indulging in a disordered sexual appetite leads to disorderly indulgence in other areas. There is also a felt need to anesthetize ones repressed but continually returning guilt.

    By the way, is that your "Meet" or someone else's? It should be "Meets."

  3. Francis is a Freemason. He is a son of damnation. He is a openly gay/pedophile supporter and promoter. He is one of them 100%. He is a Anti-Pope. He is a Anti-Christ. He is NOT a Catholic.
    I guaranteed you that. Jesus said "look at the fruit to know the tree"... The fruits of that satanic man of his entire "career of infiltration in Catholic Church" are rotten and perverted, immorality and anti-doctrines, anti-God through his words and actions. Therefore, I judge him objectively, he is the
    Anti-Christ, Satan incarnated in a human form to destroy Christ's church.


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