Substitution of Sister Lucy for an Imposter was Clearly a State Secret of the Highest, and only the Highest, Levels of the Vatican. Cardinal Ottaviani seems to have had No Knowledge of it when he sent Fr. Luigi Villa there in 1973.


Must be the reason why Cardinal Ciappi said that the Third Secret was about, "the apostasy in the Church will begin at the VERY TOP." Obviously one or two steps down did not have "clearance" to know about the Fatima Fraud. See link to Chiesa Viva article below.

Among the sensitive issues assigned to him by Card. Ottaviani, was a meeting with Lucia of Fatima. One day Cardinal Ottaviani told Fr. Villa: «I think I will send you to Fatima to speak directly with Sister Lucia.»

He accepted with joy. A business man from Padua joined him, Mr. Pagnossin, a convert of Padre Pio, who offered to pay for the trip and the stay in Portugal. Cardinal Ottaviani had provided him with a personal letter, signed by him, as Prefect of the Holy Office. This was to be delivered to the Bishop of Coimbra, to allow him to arrange a meeting with Sister Lucia. But the Bishop of Coimbra, before granting the meeting with the Seer, picked up the phone and called the Vatican. Msgr. Giovanni Benelli answered but, before giving the permission, he told him that he wanted to talk to Paul VI, because Rome had given strict orders: “an interview” with Lucy was allowed only to Royalty and to Cardinals.

Msgr. Benelli, Pro-secretary of State, transmitted to the Bishop of Coimbra the prohibition of Paul VI for the request of an interview with Sister Lucia. Useless, then, was the insistence of Father Villa, in high- lighting his role as the envoy of the Prefect of the Holy Office. However, he remained in Portugal, trying to overcome the resistance of the Bish- op. After ten days, however, he had to resign himself to defeat. He only ob- tained permission from the Bishop to celebrate a Mass in the Chapel of the Convent.

When back in Italy, Father Luigi went immediately to report the incident to Card. Ottaviani. The Cardinal felt offended by the conduct of Paul VI, and immediately wrote a letter of protest. After returning later, in Rome, Cardinal Ottaviani told Father Villa that Paul VI had made an apology, saying, however, that Msgr. Benelli had made the decision. But the Cardinal pointed out that this was the usual method of the double-dealing of Paul VI.

As long as Pius XII lived, the Vatican, for Father Villa, was more than welcoming: in addition to meetings, related to his activities as a secret agent, Father Villa dined and supped at least fifty times with Cardinals and Bishops. But when Paul VI came to power, he found himself deprived of every hospitality and every opportunity to take steps to defend the Catholic Faith.


  1. Paul VI: The Pope Who Changed the Church by Fr Luigi Villa can also be read here, as well as in other languages:

    There are other important articles at that site as well. As for the credentials of Fr Villa, see

  2. Thank you for defend the truth. The true was there all the time but nobody wants to find the truth. For over 63 years real sister Lucy was killed and body was hidden away and still up to today we still don't know what they did to her. I stick out my neck screaming that Paul VI is a gay, a pedophile, a Jew, a Freemason (Luciferian of the NWO) even the traditional Catholics shut me down. The whole gangs and thugs of the Vatican II are NOT Catholics but Freemasons, they are Luciferians, sodomites and pedophiles. When robberies entered your house, killed your loved ones and took charged of your house, what would you do? Are you just sit there and let the scumbags raped, robed and killed your family? No, you would kill them to defend your family, your assets and your right and you are 100% have the right to do so. Then why the whole church just sit back for at least 60 years now!!!!!!!!!! Actually 103 years when they suppressed the Fatima Message, Catholics should be alarmed and rose up then. Too little too late but we must have a SYNOD to elect a true Pope who would consecrate Russia together with all the true Bishops now, now, now before they blow up the whole world for the New Jews World Disorder. Don't trust on no man for no one can bring peace but God. God had gave that privilege's of this end time to the Holy Mary. She will crush their heads and bring back the Kingship of Christ to all nations. BUT WE MUST FIGHT. CAN'T BE COWARDICE AND DOING NOTHING. MAY GOD HELP US. WE WERE BORN INTO THIS TIME FOR A GOOD REASON. DON'T BLOW IT.

  3. Since Jacinta and Francisco have been canonised, it will be interesting to see when Sr Lucy's cause will be opened.

  4. So it seems to me that the 1957 interview with Father Fuentes was Sister Lucy's last. If that is the case, then she could not have made the much more recent statement that the final battle against Satan would be over the family and marriage.
    When that was first released, I thought it sounded strange. The battle against marriage and the family has been ongoing for many, many decades now with "the pill", no fault divorce, abortion "rights" etc...
    So she couldn't have written that to Cardinal Caffara in 2005. And unless it was something she *had* said many years ago before she disappeared, it is a fraudulent statement coming from her replacement.


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