A Closer Look at the Movie Fatima | Beyond the Vision. [If they only knew.......they will....with your help]

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  1. This is what we get when the enemy of Our Lady tells the story and twists the meaning of Her message and waters down our responsibility in order to achieve true peace
    Did it mention the institution & importance of the 5 first Saturday devotion? The Popes failing to heed Her requests?
    No just another Hallmark channel feel good waste of time!

  2. sisterlucytruth.org

    Odd that they speak of Our Lady as having a message of Peace, etc., but don't mention Her message of Repentance. He says we don't need World War III, etc., yet Our Lady came amidst World War I. It's as if they have hijacked the true Fatima message for their own interpretation or agenda. And how could they not see or mention the connection of the current pandemic with the deadly and most famous 1918 Spanish Flu world pandemic shortly after the apparitions at Fatima? They only speak of the impact of the current Corona Covid pandemic in terms of delaying the opening of their film. Talk about missing the forest forest for the trees...

  3. If the Jews made the movie (Helliwood) than there is nothing worth to see. All things will be fabricated to benefit the Talmudic mentality of the wicked half beast half Christian of their NWO anyway. Why don't our Catholics make the movies and represent the truth to the world?


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