Sean, Rachel, Anderson? Why is "Left" and "Right" Media Not Reporting on What Many are Saying is a Nuclear Attack, with a Low-Grade Nuclear Weapon, on Beirut? Trump said it was a bomb. He also said that we "might not be seeing him for awhile." Not important? Does Media Silence Mean that Israel Does Not Want Us to Know?


Nothing to see here. Is this the beginnings of the War that so many politicians need to stay in power? 

Serious articles that point to the use of a nuclear weapon by Israel against Lebanon, a week after threat of Israeli retaliation because of Hezbollah attacks in the Golan Heights. 

But before the articles, some questions:

1) Why has no one in France determined the CAUSE of the disastrous fire at Notre Dame? Why was terrorism ruled out while the fire was still burning.

 2) Why is no one focusing on the explosion in Beirut as a grave political/military situation, the catastrophic cause of which demands an explanation? First it was reported that fireworks had exploded, then that sloppy gas storage was responsible --- one week after Israeli threats of retaliation against Lebanese Hezbollah? 

3) Why is the Media, always focused on every word of Donald Trump, not batting an eyelash when he says --- first, that his generals have told him that a bomb created the explosion in Beirut and, second, that "you might not seem me for a while.....[since] I have many enemies." 

The latest from Veteran's Today on the bombing situation in Beirut:

Here are some more great videos of the missile hitting the depot in Beirut. What kind of new form of a nuclear weapon were, cannot really guess which country might be responsible here and for what reason........

See report on Netanyahu's presentation to the United Nations on September 27,  2018 in which he points to precisely the "warehouse" that was bombed.


  1. If Macron was in Beirut on Thursday, August 6, it means that the environment was safe, free from radiation. Also, videos made with smartphones during the explosion do not show the effect of a strong electromagnetic pulse. So it was a kind of thermobaric bomb.


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