Marshall Ferrara Interview on FATIMA with a Twist - In HD


  1. Ferrara is a lawyer, he should know better how to exam and identify the suspect. Seem to me he would never win a case for his client. Never hire a jerk to represent your case. Marshall was Anglican converted to Catholic. I don't think he rooted deep in the true Catholic Faith. He thinks he
    know all but just a baby step. The truth Catholic Faith goes with Cross and Sufferings. Those guys
    haven't walk the walk Jesus walked yet. Pray for them, maybe one day they will open their eyes. Anyone without prejudice can see those two nuns definitely are two different person. Why can't "smart guys" of this modern day are so blind?

  2. If all these semi-trads don't get on board with this humongous smoking howitzer of Sister Lucy Truth, I believe they will be committing a mortal sin of omission. I also think that we truthers should do some further study into the arguably vitiated papal conclave of 1958, including the 5 min. of white smoke on Oct. 26, 1958.

  3. This is a bridge too far for most devotees of the Fatimah story to go. Even though the proponent of this website was a friend of the late Nicholas Gruner as was Chris Ferrara, if there was a phony Sr. Lucy of Fatimah for all those decades-which implies not only likely a murder and the unholy disposition of that great Catholic woman's body and theft of her identity-but that is was a monstrous conspiracy to hijack a likely message of Our Lady from her Divine Son to the human race by not only diabolical means but for diabolical purposes what does that say about his apostolate? It would also blow the V2 church sky high-although I wonder--is there anything to remove the cement from the brains and hearts of "Catholics" today if the horrors of clerical rape, homosexuality, and grand theft hasn't?

    Oh, sorry, I did run on a bit--so what does this also say about the foremost expert on Fatimah, Nicholas Gruner if he either missed the fraud or failed to reveal it to the world and his patrons? Not looking good, does it?

    1. I do not see why a fake Sister Lucia necessarily implies murder. I see it implying isolation and virtual imprisonment since her last known interview with Father Fuentes in 1957.
      I am better reached at


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