Here is the Proof and the Information Concerning the Carmelites of Coimbra being Cooperators of Opus Dei and Using the Persona of Sister Lucy (the Imposter) to Endorse Fr. Josemaria Escriva's "Canonization."

Both of these "saints," used the stolen persona of Sister Lucy of Fatima and manipulated the Imposter Sister Lucy to augment their own public personas and further their own "Catholic" agendas. Both knew what they were doing, hence both are guilty of criminality of the highest order.


  1. Yes, and let us not forget Emmanuela Orlandi who ,at fifteen was
    kidnapped, having last been seen across the narrow street from the Opus Dei owned St Apolinaire Basilica which Cardinal Poletti of the Italian P2 Lodge obtained for Opus Dei from St John Paul Two.
    Cardinal Poletti was also Escriva's Postulator for
    Canonization. Peter Orlandi , the victim's brother, has held vigils for his sister outside this Basilica even recently.


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