Damning Evidence: Msgr. Escriva Lies and States that "Sister Lucy" Supported the Opus Dei in Portugal in 1974, when it was Clear that the Real Sister Lucy had Long Been Removed from the Scene.



Also, See our Twitter commentary on this video: https://twitter.com/SisterLucyTruth



  1. Do we know Escriva knew about the impostor? Perhaps he was deceived like everyone else. Until Dr. Chinowski's heroic work nobody even thought to question the identity of the impostor.
    This needs to break into secular mainstream media. "Traditional" Catholic media has chosen to ignore the facts to keep selling magazines to the pious and deceived. Sr. Bergoglio, aka "Pope Francis" should be our primary target and Fr Ratzinger too. They are the top hierarchy of the new religion endorsed by Sr. X. All it would take is a question from a mainstream reporter and the Vatican II edifice will fall like the walls of Constantinople.
    Easy foot me to say. I am nobody in this world. But what I mean is, all we need is one lucky break for the faithful worldwide to begin demanding answers. If there was murder involved outside the Vatican State a criminal investigation could begin. We have plenty of good evidence.

  2. Stop tarnishing your good work regarding Sister Lucy with rash and unjust accusations of heresy against those who do not accept your opinion as to the validity of papal claimants by asserting they espouse some form of Gallicanism. This is both theologically and historically ridiculous. It is demonstrably false, hence you share a portion of the lot of those who you accuse as deceivers.


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