A Comment from a Reader on Fr. Escriva, Opus Dei, and the "silly nun" Sister Lucy of Fatima. "Silly" because Non-Cooperative, I bet.


Read Escriva's ex opus dei secretary's book by Carmen Del Tapia. https://www.biblio.com/book/beyond-threshold-life-opus-dei-true/d/939504513?aid=frg&utm_source=google&utm_medium=product&utm_campaign=feed-details&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk7yEvP3D6wIVE0WGCh3w8wNEEAQYASABEgLxwPD_BwE in which she recalls Escriva's trip to Tuy to speak with Sr Lucia, at the time a Dorothean nun which she was for 23 years. He refers to her ,according to Del Tapia, as a"....good but silly nun." Then read "Opus Dei in his Own Words", by Escriva. In that book Escriva writes, referring to the same visit with the ,"...good but silly nun", that it is she who tells him to open the first OD House outside of Spain in Coimbre ! It is she, he claims who offered to handle all the necessary papers and procure the documents !!! Interestingly this was right after Lucia suffered an influenza from which they thought she would die which is why it was requested she put the Third Secret to paper and have it delivered to her Bishop. But when asked if he discussed this with Lucia upon that visit, according to Del Tapia ,he replied ,"No". Not long after Lucia also shows up in Coimbre in a cloistered Carmelite convent...........Wow what a coincidence ! Del Tapia was Escriva's secretary for two decades. She saw him for what he was and her words are extremely credible.


  1. I found where one can read online, Beyond the Threshold : Life in Opus Dei: http://vepadinri.comunidades.net/download-pdf-epub-mobi-beyond-the-threshold-life-in-opus-dei.

    This text tells the story of a religiously motivated young woman who was manipulated, turned into a fanatic, and only gradually came to her senses - all because of a religious organization working in the highest echelons of the Roman Catholic Church: Opus Dei, "Work of God". During the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, Opus Dei became the most powerful organization in the Roman Catholic Church. Described as a "Holy Mafia" by its critics, "The Work", as it is known, has been charged with secrecy, elitism, reactionary politics and questionable financial practices. For 18 years Maria del Carmen Tapia was a "numerary" (full member) of Opus Dei and a major superior of the Women's Branch for much of it. She describes what she calls the making and unmaking of a fanatic. There is: the devious recruitment; the forced estrangement from her family; the indoctrination; life in the "Golden Cage" of Opus Dei's governing centre in Rome; her years as head of the women's section in Venezuela; her sudden recall to Rome where for seven months she was held a virtual prisoner; and the reprisals after she left the organization.

  2. Peter, trace as closely as possible the Coimbra Carmel's history. This monastery was reactivated around 1946. After the liquidation of the Portuguese monarchy by the freemasons in 1910, this building was at the disposal of the army, that is, state power. So when Sister Lucy entered Caramel allegedly on her own in 1949, it was a brand new monastery. It was an excellent opportunity to create a fictional community in order to pacify Sister Lucy and replace her with a double. Below is a link to the own history of this monastery:


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