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Imposter: The Murder and Substitution of Sister Lucy of Fatima

An Investigation

Sister Lucy of Fatima #1   1946

Sister Lucy #2 (1967)

For a religious person, it is a crime of the centuries, for those following the Vatican it is a dark question, for those with eyes to see and a mind to think, it is a mystery like no other. 

The story of the three children of Fatima who saw the Virgin Mary in 1917 is well known to the world. The leader of that little group of Portuguese peasant shepherds, Lucia dos Santos, the one who not only saw, but heard, and spoke to the Virgin, the one who asked for a miracle and the Miracle of the Sun, seen by 70,000 people, was granted her, is the subject of one of the greatest and, yet, still, unsolved crimes of modern times. A crime that has been identified by a few and is, as yet, unknown to the world at large. A crime of such magnitude that the entire enterprise of renovation and change, initiated from the highest levels of the Vatican since 1958, would be threatened and exposed. What is the crime and who was the victim and the imposter? Which forces in the world could bring such a crime and deception about? That story is the one which a new movie for the world must bring to light. It is a story hidden, yet, in plain sight.


Lucia of Fatima


In 1920, when Jacinta, the youngest of the seers of Fatima, was dying of the Spanish flu, she spoke, on her death bed, of a grave danger that threatened her older cousin Lucia. These dying words of Jacinta, were taken seriously by the parish priest of Fatima, and Lucia was soon taken out of Fatima and placed at a school in Lisbon, where she was given a false identity and told not to speak about the Apparitions at Fatima. The attempt to conceal her identify did not succeed, the Masonic government was on to them and instead, she joined the Dorothean Order of nuns in Spain to serve the Lord in peace and contemplation. The chaos and violence of the Spanish Civil War that threatened the existence of her Order was not as dangerous to her as what was to come. Were the dangers that threatened her related to the Three Secrets that had been entrusted to her by the Virgin Mary? Did it have something to do with the appearance to her of the Virgin in 1929 asking for the pope to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart? What is clear is that Sister Lucy was an ongoing threat to someone.


The Carmel and the Interview of 1957


After visiting Fatima in 1946, for the first time since she left as a child, Lucia vowed to enter the Carmelite Order of Contemplatives in order to dedicate her life to participating in the Sufferings of Jesus Christ. When she entered her newly assigned cell at the Carmel in Coimbra, Portugal in 1948, she noted the empty wooden cross that occupied the main wall of her room. When she asked why the cross was empty, the mother prioress said that it was because a Carmelite nun must crucify herself with Christ in her life of seclusion and penance. The happiness of her taking of the veil at the Carmel was but the antechamber to great apocalyptic visions and messages given to her by Jesus and Mary during the 1950s, as the whole world waited in expectation for the promised Vatican revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima in 1960. In her meeting with Fr. Fuentes, who was advancing the cause for beatification of her cousins Francisco and Jacinta, she spoke of a “final battle” between the Virgin and the Devil for the souls of men. This is the last time, whether in picture or writing, anyone can scientifically verify the existence of the real Sister Lucy of Fatima (Sister Lucy I).

In fact, in July of 1959, the diocese of Coimbra, Portugal put out a notice which said that, “Sister Lucy has no more to say about Fatima.” Really?


Disappearance (Murder) and Substitution


What happened to Sister Lucy of Fatima, next was unprecedented and still evades the attention of the world. After the explicit rejection by the Vatican of any revelation of the long-awaited Third Secret, the “Sister Lucy” who  emerged on to the stage with a pope for a New Age, the revolutionary who would lead the Catholic Church into the “modern age,” was a woman much different from the one that had spoken of the imminent punishment of mankind in her interview in 1957. The woman who emerged onto the balcony with Paul VI was not the demure and withdrawn Visionary, but rather, a woman, much younger looking than the Sister Lucy born in 1907, a woman who looked about 30 years of age rather than 60 years of age as the real Sister Lucy would be. This “Sister Lucy,” the imposter, would be a woman who loved the crowds and even raised Paul VI hand in triumph as they appeared together before a crowd of hundreds of thousands who came together to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Fatima on May 13, 1967. Who was this woman? Why were many of the pictures of this event doctored? Why did the woman who presented herself as “Sister Lucy of Fatima” differ in so many fundamental ways from the woman known to the world? What was happening? This was a question that very few asked at the time. 


The assassination attempt on John Paul II and the New Sister Lucy


It was only with the assassination attempt on John Paul II by Ali Agca of the Turkish Gray Wolves, that the topic of Fatima and the substitute Sister Lucy, reemerged onto the world stage. Shot on May 13, 1981, the date of the anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima, and, also, while he was bending down to notice the picture of Our Lady of Fatima pinned to a young girl’s dress, it was time, during the next year, to bring out Sister Lucy II. The meeting between the two happened at Fatima in 1982 and it was the beginning of a 23 year connection between the very modern pope and the very modern Sister Lucy. This relationship reached its pinnacle with the announcement, in May 2000, that the Third Secret would be released by the Vatican. To this news, the enthusiastic new Sister Lucy gave her hardy endorsement.


Sister Lucy Truth: The Fraud of the Centuries Uncovered


In 2017, a little known academic, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, after spending several years puzzling over the dissimilarity between photos of the early Sister Lucy and the Sister Lucy of 1967 and beyond, founded Sister Lucy Truth, an organization dedicated to a complete identification of Sister Lucy of Fatima. This project is a scientific attempt to determine whether there was a substitute who replaced a murdered or “disappeared” Sister Lucy of Fatima. After over 2 years of submitting all of the relevant photographic, video, and handwriting evidence to experts at the top of their professions, the conclusion has been a decisive one: SISTER LUCY II (1967-2005) IS AN IMPOSTER. The religious fraud of the centuries is now glaring in the face of an unknowing world. The facts point to one conclusion: 


Sister Lucy of Fatima, the Seer of the Virgin, was eliminated after 1958 and another woman was put in her place to act from then on as “Sister Lucy of Fatima.” Who were the dark forces that brought this crime about? Who will investigate what happened to the real Sister Lucy? Who was this woman who was put in her place? What were the intrigues in Church and State which required that Sister Lucy dos Santos, the Sole Surviving Seer of the Apparitions of Fatima, DISAPPEAR FOREVER AND BE REPLACED BY ONE WHO WOULD NOT INTERFERE WITH THE AGENDA OF THE HIGHEST OFFICIALS IN THE VATICAN.


This calls for a movie to break the story to a world that will soon, in the cinema, hear about the Story of Fatima again. It is, however, a story more fascinating and terrifying than anyone could ever have guessed. 


For details of the scientific investigation of Sister Lucy of Fatima, see sisterlucytruth.org






  1. Do it! But watch your back, jack. Those clowns don't mess around and are in league with the devil himself.

  2. Why murder?

    Is there any evidence at all of murder, apart from the substitution of the false sister in 1967?

    If not--and I've never heard of any--you risk undermining the main claim of the false sister.

    No one doubts that Sr. Lucia died sometime on or after her last public interview on St. Stephen's Day, 1957, but when is unknown.

    Hushing up her death is one thing, and would involve a complex conspiracy. Murder is another altogether. And while it is certainly possible, what is the evidence?

  3. Why murder?

    Is there any evidence at all of murder, apart from the substitution of the false sister in 1967?

    If not--and I've never heard of any--you risk undermining the main claim of the false sister.

    No one doubts that Sr. Lucia died sometime on or after her last public interview on St. Stephen's Day, 1957, but when is unknown.

    Hushing up her death is one thing, and would involve a complex conspiracy. Murder is another altogether. And while it is certainly possible, what is the evidence?

    1. The true Sister Lucia would never have gone along with the Vatican II heresy. It is without a doubt that the "third secret" had to do with a false and evil council. Is it a coincidence that Pope Pius XII died around the same time that Sister Lucia was silenced? There is a story from a person who grew up in a household of High Satanic members that gave witness to an event that pointed to the murder of Sister Lucia. it is known among law enforcement that Roncalli was a Free Mason. He also privately had spoken about his distain for Fatima calling the three seers 'Prophets of Doom". There is also the private revelation of a French Priest in 1994 Raymond Amette of a "wicked council...the Church will bleed from all Her wounds" at the end of this audible message the words came out "This is the Third Secret of Fatima". The rotting fruits of Vatican II is all to apparent, the Vatican II sect is not the catholic church nor are her antipopes true popes.


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