Null and Void: Dr. Frederick Zugibe's Tautology, "The Fake Sister Lucy (1967) IS the Fake Sister Lucy (1993)." Only Attempt to Prove the Legitimacy and Identity of the 1993 "Sister Lucy" Falls Flat in Light of the Overwhelming Evidence Presented by Sister Lucy Truth.

Our transcription of the screen shots of the letter from Dr. Frederick Zugibe to Police Chief Jay Reilly "proving" that fake Sister Lucy 1967 was the same woman as fake Sister Lucy 1993. 

                                                                      September [2003?]

Chief Jay Reilly 

94 Halgren Crescent

Haverstraw, New York


Dear Chief Reilly, 

I have received the various magazine conta[ining photos?] 

1-4 below and compared them to a photo of

Sister Lucia on a card entitled “Boas Festa[s”] [supplied by?] 

Carlos Evaristo which will herein be referre[d to?] 


Various measurements were made of the head [?]

photos and the alleged photo. These include nose [?]

length, lips, top of lip to top of eyebrow, interp[upillary?,] 

lip, chin etc. Cheek and other measurements reflec[?...were?]

avoided. Ratios of the above were then established [with one]

another and with the alleged photo.  These ratios 

established a statistically significant congruous p[?]

chin characteristics were also similar.


It is my opinion that the nun shown in the alleged ph[oto?]

of the individual in the magazine photos depicting Si[ster Lucia?]


[I?] trust that this information will be of assistance to [you?]


Sincerely yours,


Frederick T. Zugibe, M.D., Ph.D


1. Alonso, J.M, The Sec[ret of Fatima: Fact and Legend]… p. 92

2. “The

Here is the photo of the "original Sister Lucy" used to prove the identity of the the 1992-1993 "Sister Lucy" of the Evaristo Interviews. The photo, of course, is simply a photo of the same fake Sister Lucy as she was auditioning for the role in 1967. 

Here is the front cover of the text:

Here are the images of the fake Sister Lucy (1967) from Fr. Alonso's book (p. 92):

                      The Woman Who Never Changes Her Smile.

For information on the difference between Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II (1967-2005), see

For the video in which Dr. Zugibe's letter somewhat appears, see

The letter appears at the 24 minute mark.


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