How Could the Fact that Sister Lucy was "Still Living" be an Excuse for Not Revealing the Third Secret? Actually, if We Were Not Dealing With a Criminal Conspiracy, this Fact would DEMAND that the Secret Be Released Immediately.


  1. When one learns the truth about John XXIII, as well as Paul VI and the other Vatican II popes, as opposed to the embellished popular versions of them, one comes to realize that the takeover of the Vatican may have also included the takeover of the papacy. Pope Pius IX was a liberal and a favorite candidate of the Judeo-Masonic powers before he was elected, but once elected he received the grace of office promised to Peter ("I have prayed for you, Peter, that your faith may not fail....") and immediately Pius IX became the staunch enemy of liberalism and Freemasonry. They hated him more than anyone alive and even tried to throw his coffin into the Tiber during his funeral procession. This "grace of office" didn't happen to the Vatican II popes. Cold the reason be that there was a takeover of the papacy in 1958 by means of a nuclear threat, as significant evidence shows in this article?


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