Avoiding the Elephant in the Room, Carlos Evaristo Threatens Lawsuit Against Sister Lucy Truth Because of a Posting of a Picture of the 1992 Interview with the Imposter Sister Lucy. Says he never said that it was not the real Sister Lucy. Was Dr. Zugibe lying? But if he lied about this, maybe he lied when he said that the woman who purported to be "Sister Lucy" from 1967 through 2005 WAS the real Sister Lucy.


But if he lied about this, maybe he lied when he said that the woman whose pictures he analyzed WAS the real Sister Lucy of Fatima. In this blog post commentary, Evaristo nullifies the only "study" which said that the woman who came forward in 1992-1993 WAS identical to the real Sister Lucy of Fatima. Sister Lucy Truth about a dozen, Fake Sister Lucy 0. 

Why would Evaristo blanch at anyone using such an ostentatious picture with him standing next to Sister Lucy of Fatima, one of the privileged few who the Vatican let in since 1959? 

The person you have put forward as the real Sister Lucy of Fatima has now been determined to NOT be that person at all.................BUT LOOK HE IS USING A COPYRIGHTED PICTURE!!!!!!! Oh, no!!!!!!!

Here is Carlos Evaristo's post on this site: 

I never said that this was not Sister Lucia and never authorized anyone to use this copyrighted photo on this website. Please remove it immediately or face legal action. Sincerely Carlos Evaristo

Here is the article from the Wanderer, republished by EWTN which says that the Portuguese police sent Carlos Evaristo to Dr. Frederich Zugibe when Evaristo suspected that the woman he met with in 1992 and 1993 was NOT the real Sister Lucy:

Here is the specific part of the article that I am referring to: 

S.M. Doctor, this not about your credibility — how would you answer those people who claim that the person presented to you was not Sr. Lucia?

Dr. Z. Such a claim would be totally preposterous. I will tell you why it was Sr. Lucia. A number of years ago, I was asked — one time someone asked me — they said they had met Sr. Lucia and wrote an article about Sr. Lucia — a fellow by the name of Carlos Everisto. He wrote several books over there, of sights in Fatima. He had written a letter to the chief of police and said that he had written an article about Sr. Lucia, and had a picture of himself with her. He thought that it was not Sr. Lucia. He wanted to know if the chief of police knew any forensic specialist who could compare that picture with known pictures of Sr. Lucia.

He came to me, and I went ahead and did a complete study, called an anthropomorphic study, of the photos showing that it was definitely the same person. I'm very, very familiar with what Sr. Lucia looks like after looking at a whole big bunch of pictures — I know exactly what she looks like, in all ways.


  1. Is Dr Zugibe by chance Jewish?

  2. Looks like the beginning of the chicken little's of the Fake Fatima Industry are coming home to roost. I predict this is just the start of what is going to be a very large torrent of scalded egos running for cover. You can make book that the Our Lady will leave them naked in their own embarrassment. It's not advisable to play with the Truth or His Mother. Fools and their Sycophants never learn. It's always, always, always, their arrogance that sinks them...not to mention a little push from above. Go Get Em, Dr C. Enough of this Masonic Nonsense.

  3. There is a lot of evidence that "they" also killed Padre Pio by slow poisoning, and he was conveniently finished off right before the tyrannical imposition of the Paul VI's Novus Ordo (Seculorum) Missae, which Padre Pio would certainly have opposed. padrepioandchiesaviva.com/Who_Poisoned_Padre_Pio_.html


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