Satan in the Vatican? Understood With This Background and Within This Context, the Disappearance and Imposture of Sister Lucy of Fatima Does NOT Seem So Bizarre. Why Do So Few Care WHO Did in Sister Lucy of Fatima? We, at Sister Lucy Truth, Do.


  1. I have read this before but it still doesn't make clear sense to me. Why would anyone--Church men, or lay people--worship satan? What do they think they will gain in the end?

    In worshiping the One True God, the Most Holy Trinity, the human soul has everything to gain. The love of the merciful and forgiving God Who wills his/her salvation and eternity in Heaven with Him. The love of God Who is Love Itself. Justice in the end according to one's sins and cooperation with grace, but the light and grace is generously supplied in this life to all and anyone who seek it from Him. In other words, we have literally everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

    Contrast that with worship of the devil. There is no love, no forgiveness, no mercy..but only hatred and torment and eternal pain. Do they think they are going to have some special spot in hell for serving the devil here on earth? Can anyone be that deluded? Satan hates us, all of us, and only wants our damnation. In serving the evil one, you have everything to lose and absolutely nothing to gain.

    So again--why do they do this? What do they really think they will gain from it all in the end? Are they all extreme masochists and lust after eternal pain? Or are they just really, really stupid?


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