Salvation Army Bell Ringer or Catholic pope? Absolutely Nothing Uniquely Catholic Here. Celebration of Pentecost with No Reference to the Supernatural Life. Thankfully He Says that the Holy Ghost is DIFFERENT than Covid-19!


  1. In Charity, we should not insult the Salvation Army Bell Ringer. They are far more credible and honest than Francis the Apostate. Francis spouts the pure modernist feeling nonsense. He is not even close to warranting the tag of a "CINO". One thing is for sure....Catholic He Is Not therefore "Pope" he cannot be.

  2. There is NOTHING uniquely Catholic about señor Bergoglio. Nothing remotely Catholic I should say. 😝

    1. Were any of Pius XII's successors faithful to the Catholic faith and our holy traditions?

  3. Why Catholics today afraid to tell the truth? If you can't love the truth, seek the truth, live the truth, spread the truth and defend the truth. You are NOT a CATHOLIC but enemy to Christ. Why? GOD IS THE TRUTH. The fact has proven over and over thousands times in publicity that that man is not a Catholic but a FREEMASON, whose gods are devils. He publicly denounced and rejected Christ is God. He rejected the teaching of the Catholic Faith and Morality... Need to say more. That guy is a Trojan Horse, lurked inside the Catholic Church to destroy the church from within. I am praying for his conversion but I denounced, resented and rejected and condemned him until he repent. But accordingly to the Catholic Prophecy he and his minions will not repent but harden their hearts and will be smashed by the Heel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Who will be the heels of the Blessed Virgin Mary? All the Catholics who love the TRUTH and follow the TRUTH... Those Catholics will fight a great fight to take back Christ's Church and destroy all the Freemasons/Luciferians of the NWO inside the church and in the world. Those Catholics will take back the "LAW AND ORDER" that GOD INTENDS AND SETS FOR ALL ETERNITY.


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