History Channel Cites "Covid" and "Protests" for Not Pursuing the Sister Lucy Imposter Story "at this moment." Says it "Never heard of" Fatima Story Even though it Had an Episode on Nostradamus and Fatima Last Year. Sad. But Sister Lucy Truth Will Not Stop. Two New Reports Due Shortly and New Ones in the Works. We will NOT Stop. I am sending the Link to Drudge!

Sorry for the Temporary Failure. We Will NOT Be Stopped. Justice for Sister Lucy of Fatima. The Problem is that Her Elimination from this World Could Not Go Viral.
More to Come. By the Way, the Call about the History Channel Came in the Middle of the Night.
Make sisterlucyimposter.org Go Viral!


  1. History Chanel is not trusted by the majority. People will associate Sister Lucy Truth with "Ancient Aliens"

  2. Should Law enforcement in Portugal be involved with this cold case?

  3. The Drudge Report has changed over the past couple years, becoming a very liberal voice. Did Drudge sell out? Crack up? Die? Maybe what we're seeing there is the fake Matt Drudge, Drudge 2. Drudge 2 covering At. Lucy 2-- now that's rich and a disaster waiting to happen. Please don't do that; there has to be another way to spread the truth.


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