America Ready For Full Societal Breakdown, Economic Collapse And Planned...


  1. Well, that was depressing...

  2. We are under siege by the forces of Satan. Be as it may one would have to be a complete fool to rely or let alone act on ANYTHING from Paul Krugman. The last time he was right he predicted the Sun was coming up in the East. In short, he is not now nor has he ever been credible except as a mouthpiece for the left. Next, what everyone doesn't understand about banking, debt and economics is that it's... ALL ABOUT CASH FLOW NOT NECESSARILY ABOUT DEBT... The Fed Controls it and will do so for the foreseeable future. THERE is NO viable replacement now or on the horizon. If there is you can be certain ANY NEW monetary system, INCLUDING BITCOIN ALTERNATIVES ETC, will be lead by Fed/USA AND/OR IT'S EQUIVALENT. Why? As bad as things may is far, far worse in Europe, Middle East, Asia, China etc. Finally, the unspoken, misunderstood, key to all this...especially The USA Capital Markets.....ALL DOMINATED BY USA by many multiples compared to Europe, Asia etc. All the NYSE/CBT/NASDQ etc has to do is....Enforce their financial accounting/disclosure rules for being listed....Audited Financial Statements etc....These rules have been ignored for a great majority of "listed" Chinese Companies...This is the hidden hammer over the Chinese. Enforce the rules, (Chinese companies can't comply) and then de-list the Chicom Companies. CHINA WOULD BE/IS DONE. They have no alternatives PERIOD. POTUS knows this...and so do the Chinese et al. It's one of the MAIN reasons the left is so focused on DJT/POTUS. They are up to their EYEBALLS in conflicts and NWO entanglements. TRUMP represents an empirical danger to collapsing and exposing the whole mess. They have Krugman et al....and it is going to get worse before it gets better. But at the end of the day....I'll take my chances with the Blessed Virgin Mary, her Rosary, and Trump. How improbable and CONFOUNDING he must be/is to the Partisans of Satan. Let is double down, stay faithful and Pray Hard. Truth always prevails. May Our Lady of Fatima defend us and guide us always.


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