May 13, 2020. Archbishop Vigano Acknowledges that the Vatican Did Not Give to the World the Third Secret. Why Can these Acknowledge the Fraud of What Was Presented as the Full "Third Secret" and yet the Elephant in the Room Is Ignored?

Dr. Chojnowski: Here Wolfram Schrems points out the elephant in the Fatima Room. Let us pray, that as we await the decision of the various TV networks for a decision on the universal publication of the Fact of the Fatima Imposter, that in the very near future the elephant will step on someone's foot and suddenly cease to be ignored by all. Also, thank you for your kind donations. They will be essential in the long fight ahead. Our Lady of Fatima, hear our prayers today!

Sister Lucy Truth is mentioned here in a footnote to the article cited below: 

Another topic is the identity of Sr. Lucia: In this publication, too, P. Stehlin unfortunately does not address the question of who was actually the person who was to represent Sr. Lucia from 1967. In doing so, he follows the line of the - otherwise deserving and already presented - book by his brothers P. Mura and P. Huber, Fatima-Rome-Moscow, which also left this obvious question unanswered. In view of the research already presented here by the Thomistic philosopher Dr. Peter Chojnowski commissioned, it would be extremely urgent to pursue this professionally in the German-speaking world.

Google translation of the German article:

Fatima: Archbishop Viganò and the lies of the Vatican
May 6, 2020 1
The difficulties of the hierarchy with the message from Fatima. (Depiction of Our Lady of Pratola, 15th century).
The difficulties of the hierarchy with the message from Fatima. (Protective Madonna of Pratola, 15th century).
By Wolfram Schrems 

The spectacular statements of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former nuncio in the USA and exposer of lies and corruption of the current pontificate, in an interview with the Portuguese website Dies irae (German translation on this page) from April 21 must not fade away. Therefore, they should be taken up again. They are of the greatest importance for the interpretation of current events. Excellence had spoken, among other things, on the Third Secret of Fatima. He is the highest ranking churchman to date who accuses the Vatican of lying in this matter. As events in the church and the world come to a head dramatically, both Viganò's statements and a recently published research, which essentially comes to the same results, are presented and commented on. [1]

Unfortunately, there is also a word of criticism of the official Fatima apostolates for their submission to the Vatican party line and their resistance to facts.

The archbishop as a whistleblower: confirmation of an old suspicion

Viganò, who currently lives in an unknown location, said in all desirable clarity:

“The third part of the message that Our Lady entrusted to the shepherds of Fatima so that she could Communicating the father is still a secret. "
He thereby confirms the suspicion expressed by well-known experts as well as believers with good common sense since the allegedly complete publication of the third secret on June 26, 2000 by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF):

The description of the vision by Sr. Lucia, facsimile in the CDF publication with the unsuccessful name The Message from Fatima, is most likely from the seer, but the explanatory words of Our Lady are missing. First of all, this can be deduced from the fact that on July 13, 1917 the three visionary children were given the first two secrets (hell, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Consecration of Russia). It is impossible that such a dramatic, but incomprehensible vision, as shown in the Third Secret, should have remained unexplained. And secondly, in 1960 Rome itself explicitly stated that the Third Secret is also about "words" of Our Lady.

Viganò said on this point in the interview:

“Our Lady wanted [the secret] to be published in 1960, but John XXIII. published a statement on February 8 of that year, in which he stated [...] that he does not want to take responsibility for guaranteeing the truth of the words that the three little shepherds say the Virgin Mary spoke to them '. "
As you know, the opinion of Pope John XXIII. Distributed as an anonymous press release by the Portuguese news agency ANI. It caused dismay among believers who had been waiting for the Third Secret to be released. It sowed doubts about the credibility of the seers and contributed to the almost complete disappearance of the Fatima message from the consciousness of the faithful after the Council.

This press release admitted what was later officially denied by the church, namely that there were explanatory words about the vision.

In 2006, the Italian author Antonio Socci already wrote in his book The Fourth Secret of Fatima (English 2009) that the official statement of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is problematic incomplete. By the way, Socci had taken up this topic with the intention of refuting the allegations of the Fatima apostolate by Fr. Nicholas Gruner and other non-conformists (!), But under the weight of the facts himself became a critic of the Vatican position. Archbishop Viganò shares Socci's opinion that the Vatican was not sincere.

He also comes to the conclusion - which can be seen by everyone anyway - that the consecration of Russia - contrary to the official propaganda of the Vatican - was never carried out according to the commission:

"Let us not forget the ignored call of Our Lady to the Pope and all bishops to dedicate Russia to your Immaculate Heart as a condition of victory over communism and atheistic materialism: not to dedicate 'the world', not 'the nation that you give us wishes to consecrate ', but' Russia '. Did it cost so much to do that? Apparently for those who don't have a supernatural look. "
Viganò criticizes the verbal contortion


  1. Truth Coming to Light!

    Thank you, Dr. Chojnowski!

    Two elephants in the room, nay three do I say: for Trad Inc. and Fatima Inc.

    All related to Fatima.

    1. It's clear TM can't deal with the truth on the Antipapacy of Francis, 2. nor the fake Sr. Lucy. 3. Nor the full text of the Third Secret. Unreleased, stolen, hidden, burned, who knows. But we know what it says. "Apostasy in the Church."

    Among other things.

    Thus Three Elephants in the room for both Trad Inc. and Fatima Inc. who are doing their best Three Blind Monkeys act.

    It's Antipope Francis or Fatima.

    1. Trad Inc. also cannot deal with the "SSPX Sex Scandal" as broadcast by Church Militant.
      Once we are in a cocoon with the TLM and the T-Sacraments, nothing else matters. Yes?

    2. Why waste time on networks? They are controlled by the wrong people.

  2. You can wait and wait, television networks will never put any info about a fake Sr. Lucia. The Vatican control is felt in everything.


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