If You Say This is the Real Sister Lucy, Why Don't You Accept JPII's 1984 Consecration of All Humanity IF SISTER LUCY SAID THAT IT WAS ACCEPTABLE TO OUR LADY? Silence.......

Starting at 9 minutes: 

Here are JPII's words of "consecration" of all of Humanity to the Immaculate Heart: "Mother of the Church, enlighten the people of God on the path of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Enlighten especially those peoples whose consecration and entrustment you await. Help us to live in the truth of the consecration to Christ of the entire human family of the contemporary world."

This in itself shows that Sister Lucy II is a fraud who did not receive the revelation of July 1917 and June 1929 concerning the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Here the Fraud endorses the Universal Salvation doctrine taught in all of the major encyclicals of John Paul II. Here "Sister Lucy" is fraudulently USED AGAIN to advanced the apostate theology of the apostate JPII. Glad he was nice and spoke many languages and was good at clowning it up before large audiences! Also, "pro-life" based on the moral philosophy of Max Scheler, another apostate.

Sister Lucy II says that "Our Lady" was "full satisfied" with this nondescript universalist "consecration." If everything is made sacred by "consecration" than nothing is sacred, really. Cardinal Bertone also lies here because he knows full well that the woman who told him this was NOT Sister Lucy. Take off the red clothes and put on a striped suit and he would be no different than any other gangster; trafficking not in drugs, guns, prostitution, etc. but in desecrated things. Hence the threads. 

At 13 min. mark, Cardinal begins to speak about the book by "Sister Lucy" titled "Calls" in English. For our review of this book, which the Cardinals of the Holy Office apparently did not want her to write --- then seem to have a Vatican Mariologist write for her (I cannot imagine the simple woman who played "Sister Lucy" writing any kind of book, other than a children's book, see https://sisterlucyimposter.org/calls-from-the-message-of-fatima/

The Cardinal clearly admits that this is not the work of "Sister Lucy" but it is "Fr. Casteleno's" adaption of "the words" of "Sister Lucy."

The good Cardinal recommends the text be read as spiritual reading, especially for the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima. 

In this interview with Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican is acting as if it has DEFINITIVELY hijacked and transformed with Modernist alchemy, the heavenly Message of Fatima --- that Our Lady would perform the Miracle of the Sun for THIS? This putrid, sappy, universalist, unchallenging, protestant text. As SiSiNoNo would have it"They think they have won!" 

At the 15 minute mark, we find Cardinal Ratzinger engaging in a phenomenological analysis of "martyrdom," basically making it so general that it does nothing to illuminate exactly what Our Lady meant by the purported Vision of the Third Secret. The vision of the "half destroyed city" refers to a "history of violence," a "history of the human being." ---- You wonder why Our Lady did not hold a seminar on the Phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty rather than the Miracle of the Sun. Ratzinger was critical in the "lockdown" of "Sister Lucy" and the Modernist theological hijacking of the Catholic content of the Message of Fatima. 

I have to stop for now at the 16 min. mark! 


  1. ”Any more information about this-Sister Lucy dying in 1960?”

    A friend of mine sent me the tapes of Brother Dimond's radio interview Coast to Coast and I was fascinated! I try to be a traditional Catholic and I know all this Novus ordus "confusius" stuff is just that -confused! I was fascinated by many things Brother Dimond had to say and how he stood up to some of the evil callers. He said that Sister Lucy of Fatima died in 1960 and that this one who just died was a fake. What he said makes sense, does he have any more information about this-Sister Lucy dying in 1960? Thank you. I have been scanning your website and reading it-fascinating and seems to be true.


    Kathryn Rubio

    Solon OHIO

    Thank you for your e-mail. The issue of the fake Sr. Lucy (who posed as the real Sr. Lucy after 1960) is covered near the end of the article below. That there was a fake Sr. Lucy starting in approximately 1960 is proven by 1) what the post-1960 “Sr. Lucy” said, did and endorsed in regard to the Message of Fatima, which blatantly contradicts the message of the real, pre-Vatican II Sr. Lucy; and 2) the photographic evidence.

    The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy

    It always amazes and perturbs us when we read or hear from false traditionalists who scoff at the idea that there was a fake Sr. Lucy. At the same time, most of these people reject the (phony and ridiculous) version of the Third Secret of Fatima which was released by the Vatican in 2000. Are they awake? They cannot have it both ways! The post-Vatican II “Sr. Lucy” – the one they declare couldn’t have been an impostor – publicly stated (and indicated by gestures on television for all to see) that the Vatican’s version of the Third Secret, released in 2000, is the real Third Secret of Fatima. Therefore, anyone who rejects (as he should) the phony and ridiculous version of the Third Secret of Fatima – which almost all “traditionalists” do, by the way – which was fraudulently released by the Vatican under John Paul II in 2000 must, if he possesses any logical consistency whatsoever, reject the post-Vatican II “Sr. Lucy” (who fully and publicly endorsed it) as an impostor; for the real Sr. Lucy, who was promised Heaven by Our Lady of Fatima and was fully aware of the contents of the real Third Secret would not, of course, endorse as true that which was a fraudulent message.

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  2. Jpll put on quite a show in May when he gave us the staged deception of Our Lady miraculously saving his life. Lots of good acting and covering up went into this fraud. That Our Lady would save the life of this anti christian is preposterous.

    1. If anyone, wants to find out the cause of the problems in the world, let him or her look in the mirror.

  3. Internal Pressure has to be building on the traditional Fatima Industry. Their only response to Dr C/SLT is/has been "SILENCE". Why? IMO,, Besides MONEY, The minute they respond to you is an admission they are part of the problem...Not the Solution. Their actions have put themselves in a box. Perhaps a rereading of the late Fr Gruner's "Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul" might reset their thinking. It is a great little book. Got to believe that Fr Gruner would be an enthusiastic supporter of your work of TRUTH! In the end they have two choices. 1) Either join you; or 2) Fight you. The first option will not happen unless they realize It's not about them. It's about "Truth", "Saving Souls" and "Glorifying Our Lord and His Mother"

  4. Here is the 1957 interview of Sister Lucy with Fr Augustin Fuentes:


  5. The whole Vatican ll sect is a fraud. Period !

  6. Francis, is not pope of the true Catholic Church. He is the evil pope of the false VATICAN II SECT !

  7. Most people are hypocrites by nature, and will not care, until it is too late for them.


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