I just cannot help liking this guy. I will have my own sharp words directed against Dr. Taylor Marshal's show on Malachi Martin as soon as I put my self through the purgatorial effort of watching the entire thing. Marshall does not know what he is talking about, in so many cases. From the reports of some of our friends, he deletes all comments pointing out the work of Sister Lucy Truth.


  1. A hermit who makes videos to post on YouTube, and who apparently watches others on YouTube? Doesn't sound like a hermit in any traditional sense of the word. And doesn't seem all that humble either.

  2. Malachi Martin is not what people think - it is another grand deception like that of Sr Lucy. There is a talk on True Restoration which is very informative and a transcript. There is also a history revisionist / blogger called Maurice Pinay who has useful information on his site. Malachi Martin plagiarized a large part of one of his books from another author - so the writings people appreciate are probably not from Malachi at all. It is said that Malachi Martin wrote Nostrae Aetate of Vatican II - about the Jews. Fr Cekada claims there are many factual errors in his book about the Jesuits. This is just a snippet but I really recommend the TR transcript.


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