Fatima Crusader ---- Even Published An Article Citing Fr. Francesco Pacheco, who after his October 11, 1992 Meeting With "Sister Lucy," Recognized that this Woman Was NOT Sister Lucy. The Testimonies Keep Piling Up.

Father Pacheco told us that "Sister Lucy," who met him, just loved to have her picture taken. (Doesn't that sound more like an actress than a nun?) We have here a picture he has of this occasion. It seems most strange to us that Sister Lucy, who was 85 years old, who has been a Carmelite for 45 years has 1) black hair, 2) has a habit that is too large for her, 3) does not, apparently know how to put on her headdress properly so that it does not show her hair, 4) that in the last 6 months after her own blood-sister Caroline died, she now for the first time sees people without the benefit of the grille and unaccompanied by a sister at all times. (Caroline told Father Gruner during the fall of 1990, that since 1948 she could not see her blood-sister without there always being other members of the community present — and only through the grille — never in an open room with both of them side by side.)
"Sister Lucy" with Father Francesco Pacheco on October 11, 1992. For more information about what this photo reveals, read the editor's comments on this page.
Caroline died at 89 in 1992 and 6 months later "Sister Lucy" has changed so much — that she has black hair, doesn't know how to wear the habit, has a habit that does not fit her — and is in fact much shorter than anyone expected to find her. Look at the picture and judge for yourselves.


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