Sobering Economic Report On the Fall of Our Economic House of Cards.


  1. The fall into economic depravity has been aided and abetted by the church of Rome. That fall can be attributed to covetenous and primarily to usury. Usury was once a mortal sin but you won't find it even mentioned anymore in the catholic church. The renaissance popes found clever ways to get around the usury prohibition but it took Pius the 7th in 1822 to totally remove the penalties for usury. That was followed 10 years later by Gregory the 16th taking out a loan of 35 million from the depraved and evil house of Rothschild at 5% usury and thus was the era of the rule of the bankers entered into by the falling away western church. I always scratch my head at why our lady never mentions the evil of usury when she appears.

  2. The worst is yet to come. Our Lord says "... that's just the beginning..." The real deal is after the wars also the Fatima message and many mystic and stigmatists had told us so. Repent, do your penance and make reparation now before too late. God will not be mocked. All politicians of both sides are working for the Anti-Christ and his Synagogue of Satan. All of them are puppets for the New Jews World Disorder/Luciferians/Freemasons/Communists/Sodomites/Pedophiles. They are
    one and the same, the "seeds of Satan" are in the top positions to control the whole world as now we are witnessing. Francis is one of them, all the fake churchmen are Luciferians, they are not Catholics but the Trojan Horses to destroy the Holy Catholic Church and they have done a great job so far. 1.2 billions Catholics have lost the faith because of them and billions and billions of babies and adults had die and go to hell because of them. How much more do we need to see in order for us to take action to expose them and kick them out. They have no legal status nor any Heavenly right to be in the church or sit at the throne and order us to change "our faith"... We are the "homeowners" and they are the "thieves" We have more right to kick them out or if needed to kill them to defend ourselves. Why no Catholics see that?


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