Francis Desecrates Miraculous Crucifix from San Marcello. God Indicates that He is Punishing the World and Rejecting the Purely Humanistic Plea of the Pachamama Worshipping Idolators. Surprised?


  1. This ghostly scenery like from Batman movies: evening, monumental architecture, cast iron cauldrons with fire and one larger with coal used Jorge the Apostate to demonstrate his victory over the Roman Catholic church. He started his professional career as a bouncer at a nightclub in Buenos Aires. And so he ends his life as a bouncer in Rome. Churches have been deserted almost all over the inhabited land, there are no more faithful in them. It wasn't even necessary to call the police - it was enough to do wild panic in the media about the lethal threat of an imaginary brand pandemic* virus.
    The Crucifix from San Marcello's church and Salus Populi Romani, images made famous during plagues, were brought by the Apostate to the threshold of St. Peter's Basilica, so that Satan could publicly insult God: "Well, where is your church?" Our Lord and Our Lady were to look at a completely empty square once crowded with pilgrims. All they had before them was the Phantom of the Vatican in solemn white and gold robes** for the hour of Satan's triumph on the fifth Friday of Lent!
    *To sell panic, it must have a brand, because it is difficult to stuff old regular flu on the market, that's why the 'Coronavirus' and actually the crown of Satan.
    **Golden sun embroidered on the cope rocked on the celebrant's rump - no comment.

    1. This will over time get worse (even if it does get better for a time in between). We must get on our knees. The triumph of the Church is coming, but first we must suffer and pay for our lack of penance and for the crimes of our world.


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