Democrats and Republicans Hand Over This Huge Chunk (Sexual Normality and the Sanctity of Marriage) to the Enemies of Christian Civilization and the Church. Why wasn't there a Movement to Overturn "Same-Sex Marriage" after a Republican and "Catholic" Supreme Court Imposed it on the Nation?

What gives these people so much power?

On the recent appointment of a public homosexual to be Acting Director of Intelligence. Won't he and, also, the Director of Central Intelligence, also gay, be subject to blackmail and compromise? The new acting director is also a point man in the Trump Administration's attempt to decriminalize sodomy in those nations around the world which still uphold this aspect of the Natural Law.


  1. Cognative Dissonance is setting in for most traditional Catholics when the truth about Mr. Trump is revealed. They want to wave their flag to the bitter end. "Make Israel Great" should be his real slogan.


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