America: No Go Zone: I have seen papers today given to workers at transportation hubs, Ace Hardware, and Lowes, Signed by Authorized Supervisors WHICH INDICATE THAT THEY WORK IN ESSENTIAL SERVICES AND ARE THEREFORE AUTHORIZED TO TRAVEL ON THE ROADS. These workers were told that if you do not have these papers when you are pulled over, you can be fined $500. Prepare.

                    I was only out looking for Toilettenpapier, Mein Herr!     

Homer Predicts the Corona Virus, 1993?
Did The Simpsons also predict coronavirus? Fans claim storyline about flu outbreak spreading from Japan to the US bears eerie similarities to deadly outbreak

In the 1993 episode a virus called Osaka Flu spreads through Springfield after residents order juicers from Japan.
Twitter fans spotted similarities between it and current outbreak.

Does someone know something that we do not know?

And now for some Coronahumor: 


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