A Severe Warning about the State of the United States Today in this Crisis. Excellent Analysis and Advice.


  1. A very good summing up of our current situation. Many have been hoping for an intervention from God to wake folks up, especially the Catholic Church and most especially "Pope" Francis. I think it has arrived.

  2. I wrote a comment but had trouble getting it accepted, and it disappeared. I will repeat it here.

    This video's analysis seems correct to me. But it offers no advice whatever to either the profligate who is drowning in debt, nor to the moderate person who lived with no more debt than the current month's spending on the credit card.
    Posting this video which tells us it's too late to save ourselves, is no help
    at all.
    It is a self indulgence, equivalent to the behaviour of the stay at home brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son.(Luke 15:11-32)

  3. What do you think about Mike King, who seems to think the "virus crisis" may be a cover for a Trump/Military take down of the deep state criminals, dissolving the predatory Federal Reserve, and a reset of the economy.

  4. So, what is the advice? He said it's likely too late to prepare. What should we be doing practically speaking?

  5. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
    Sr Lucy, pray for us.
    Jacinta, pray for us.
    Francisco, pray for us.
    Grant us the grace to accept these things as the penance for our sins and the sins of the world.
    Send grace for sinners to convert during these times ahead and grace for our families to keep the faith and for our priests to be able to continue to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. May public worship return and God's Church not be thwarted. Woe to them who thwart the true worship of Almighty God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Woe to them. Penance!

  6. Fr. Martin had spoken of the "Third Secret" being mostly Spiritual in nature in its Chastisement. God cares about our eternity, we care about the material. The Vatican II heresy is most likely what the third secret was all about. The Modernist movement was in lock step with anti catholic forces for many years but many good Popes and clergy fought hard to protect the flock. It is quite possible that Sr. Lucia and Pope Pius XII were both martyred in order to make way for the Free Mason Roncalli. With the Vatican II sect usurping St. Peter's throne and inhabiting the property of the Church, sending the true Church to the "catacombs" we have a spiritual void that has never surfaced before. Scripture ,Saints and many Marian Apparitions have pointed to this time. In my humble opinion this is not the end times but a time of cleansing and renewal. God in his mercy is giving us a chance to repent and embrace the true faith. Our Lady will triumph after this time of repentance and the Church will emerge with Her in triumph. many in the false religions especially the Vatican II cult will see their error and return to Christ's bride. I don't believe this virus is from God but from his adversary but God will use it to bring about a return to His will by many who are now lost. I don't believe God is bringing about a financial collapse that event is in the future and will coincide with other prophecies. As it stands now this virus has killed many thousands of people and disrupted many lives but it is nothing in comparison to what the 20th century produced with its wars , pandemics, mass killings and financial collapses that permeated the whole century. God has allowed this situation to make the flock take notice, reflect and repent. Those who call themselves Catholic must amend their ways in the political arena where many so-called Catholics vote for Democrats because of political handouts and bathe themselves in the blood of the innocent. Many Catholics fail to support financially the good works of those that labor to bring the truth. Many Catholic embrace those with deviate lifestyles because of fear of the mob and political correctness. Yes we have much to think about and pray about and God has given us the time to do it.


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