Stop the Beatification! Cardinal Martins' Perpetuation of a Fraud. Originator of the "Cause" of "Sister Lucy of Fatima," Tells Story of "Sister Lucy" Being Put in Charge of a Carmelite Construction Project. Really?

Dr. Chojnowski: As part of the article, Cardinal Martins of Portugal, introducer of the Cause for Beatification of the Fake Sister Lucy, relays a story of his personal meeting with "Sister Lucy" the jokester and general contractor. Well, the assassination of John Paul II already happened a generation before so there was obviously not much of the Fatima Message to speak of, right? Rosary, Scapular, First Saturdays, Consecration of Russia, Apostasy, Communism, no not really. How about we put Sister Lucy as the general contractor for the building of Carmelite cells? She is very "down to earth and practical." Also, since everything was honky dory with the Church and World under John XXIII, Paul VI. John Paul I, and John Paul II --- no need to worry about the "Prayer Meeting for All Religions" at Assisi --- why not have Sister Lucy employ some of her other talents.....right, no problem............If this stuff does not make you choke and want justice and public and manifest truth to be discovered and published, you leave me speechless.
Here is a citation from the article from Catholic News Agency linked to above:
"As an example, he recalled that at one point the Carmelite sisters had to build another convent when they exceeded the maximum number of sisters who can live in one of their monasteries. 
When it came time to start construction on the convent after plans had been laid, Lucia was the one sent to oversee the project, making sure the architect built the new monastery according to the specifics of how Carmelite convents are organized."
“Lucia went in a car to tell the architects concretely how they had to do the cloister. This is a very concrete person, no?” the cardinal said. “She wasn’t an abstract person like many thought, no.”

Dr. Chojnowski: Maybe this is when she used to get out for all that kissing and hugging! I have seen many cloistered Carmelites overseeing construction projects, haven't you? Good that they kept her inaccessible from any people, even her own family, except those with express permission of the pope or the head of the Holy Office. They were saving her for various construction projects down the road. Since she was a Carmelite in a convent whose nuns were "cooperators" of Opus Dei, they do encourage the professional life rather than contemplative, right? 😕😕


  1. As in the case of all human undertakings, follow the money. Who is the official bankster of the Vatican....the House of Rothschild....often referred to as the Lord of Judah. In 1822 the Vatican
    ended the deep seeded prohibitions against usury...the principle Judean weapon against a christian society. Ten years later it took out a 35 million dollar loan at 5% usury from the Rothschilds. The Christian-Catholic outrage against this has been scrubbed. The turning point.
    Wake up christians....the vatican and the papacy have merged with Judaism....the mortal enemy
    of the Word made flesh.

  2. Well with all that building going on it’s no wonder she was a "very concrete person".


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