Posted: Absolute Mathematical Proof that Sister Lucy I is NOT the Same Individual as Sister Lucy II. Check Out the Scientific and Mathematical Calculations Just Posted.

Math Does Not Lie and Does Not Have ANY Theological Prejudices. This is what Sister Lucy Truth promised you. This is what you get.

Dr. Chojnowski: I wish to deeply thank all those who have been involved in this difficult task and detailed presentation. The Church and the World owe you a great debt. It gives us an unshakeable place to stand and fight for truth and justice in this case.


  1. Exactly right! I think it is the one thing that incriminates all the Vatican II false popes irreparably and may be our best bet for winning souls stuck in the V2 Sect back to Holy Mother Church!

    Thank you for all your hard work! May Sister Lucia be granted justice and the love of our hearts for the sacrifices she had to make to stay true to Our Lady of Fatima's messages!


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