History Channel's Presents the Blue Army's Take on Fatima. They Should Know About the True Story of Sister Lucy of Fatima. Much More Fascinating and Tragic.


Dr. Chojnowski: Here is a piece by History Channel which is based upon information provided to them by the Blue Army, official NewFatima propagandists. Remember, this is the same Blue Army that published the fake letters and photos of the fake Sister Lucy as we have reported here in the past. One of their clear intents, in appearing in this History Channel interview, is to propagate the absurd idea that the Third Secret was actually revealed and that "Sister Lucy" was so disturbed that people did not accept what the nice, truthful Vatican --- which she had defended and bolstered since "Sister Lucy" first appeared on May 13th, 1967 --- would actually lie and deceive. See the History Channel episode, especially the end of the episode, where you see the clueless imposter shown tottering around, being used as the embodiment of the fake Fatima message and scenario that the Vatican has pushed. 

I hope one day that the History Channel will realize what is happening with this fraud and present the true, and much more interesting and tragic story, of Sister Lucy of Fatima. 


  1. Looks like the History channel have now removed it.


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