As I Reread Fr. Kramer's Book, "To Deceive the Elect: The Catholic Doctrine on the Question of a Heretical Pope," We Wonder Why We Have Not Heard About Publication of the Planned 1,000 Page Expanded Edition of "True and False Pope" by John Salza and Robert Siscoe. I Would Assume that They Have Lost Their Publishers, No?

Hey, Do You Know Where We Can Find a Publisher?

For the Book that Probably Knocked the Heresies of Salza and Siscoe Out of the Water, see:
Or You Can Order the Book through Sister Lucy Truth Smile Account, Which will Aid Us In our Continued Attempt to Get to the Heart of the Sister Lucy Imposture.


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  2. Whether Salza and Siscoe have a publisher or not, Fr. Kramer totally refutes them and shows them for the liars and sophists that they are. One can suspect that Salza and Siscoe may not want to draw any more attention to Fr. Kramer's presentation of Catholic doctrine on the subject of loss of ecclesiastical office. And if they ever did write another book, it would be more of the same diabolical sophistry that they've mastered so well.

  3. If we need even more proof that the R+R are anti-Catholic, Gallican heretics, here is a hostile judgment on Vatican I from a so-called Thomistic theologian in the Salza and Siscoe R+R camp:

    "What shall we do about Vatican I?...a council that would forever change the way Catholics perceived and interacted with the papacy — the impetus for a runaway hyperpapalism capable of leveling centuries of tradition. IN MANY WAYS, WE ARE MORE THREATENED TODAY BY THE SPIRIT OF VATICAN I, WHICH IT WILL TAKE A MIGHTY EXORCISM TO DRIVE AWAY." (Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, onepeterfive, Dec. 11 2019).

    1. What is interesting with Fr Cekada is that he points out that Salza and Siscoe did not even have an accurate account of what he actually believes. This was aside from refuting their lies. This also happened with the SSPX-attending sedevacantist John Lane and also with the Feeneyite Dimond brothers. All three said that what they believe was totally misrepresented in Salza and Siscoe's book. Fr Cekada wrote an article here which exposes just how dishonest these people are, by using one example of their malicious dishonesty However, using sources from the Index of Prohibited Books from the Holy Office would certainly be regarded as unacceptable for anyone truly Catholic. Salza admits to his 32nd degree of Freemasonry and he then "converted" so that he could get in a podium and convince us all that we need to be with those people in the Vatican, the ones who shook hands with the false Sr Lucy. Given Salza is dishonest, could he also be lying about leaving Freemasonry, and if so, what was his project or "work" to get 33rd degree - could it be writing a book to bring us all into Pope Francis' One World Church which encompasses every "creed" including idol worship of Pachamama (the Italian bishops put out an "official prayer" to her and the Vatican Press conference said that she was "not Our Lady") and the joint declarations with Anglicans and Lutherans where their heresies and blasphemies are no longer condemned but condoned and taught in synods. Folks, if you "follow" Salza and Siscoe, do not expect to ever see the Blessed Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven. Time is passing, eternity approaches, you are reading this, you know what is happening, folks are being lied to, people are becoming controlled opposition to deliberately destroy your faith and you are being told you have to listen to them. Pray for courage so that you yourself can speak out and stand with the truth despite ANY opposition. "Fight children of light, you the few who can see, for now is the time of all times, the end of all ends." We must charitably pass on our faith to others and reject these post-Vatican II teachers of "fables" by calling out those "itching ears" who listen to them and giving them the word of God which teaches that ANYONE who preaches another gospel is anathema. Nullam partem. That includes your "una cum" because "He who is not with Me, is against Me." and ME means the true Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ on earth which can never be one under the deceitful leadership of a heretic.


  5. Hello Dr. Chojnowski, I would like to suggest that you do a book review on Fr. Kramer's book.


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