Does the Woman Appearing in these Newly Acquired May 13th, 1967 photos and film of "Sister Lucy of Fatima" Appear to Portray a Woman of 60 years old? Anyone say, Yes?

Does this woman look like she is 60 years old? 

What a Guinness Book of World Records Forensic Artist portrays Sister Lucy of Fatima looking like at 60 years old, based on her photos from the 1910s through the 1940s. Same. Right?
Here is the link to the full report from the Forensic Artist:

Here is video coverage of the May 13, 1967 meeting between Paul VI and the woman who was presented as "Sister Lucy of Fatima."


  1. The Sister Lucy Imposter was not hiding in plain sight but made the real Sister Lucy disappear in plain sight. This just proves people will see and believe what they want to see and believe. The Vatican knows it better than anyone. They are masters at optics which they clearly used to deceive their sheep and the world at large. This deception is outrageous and criminal. It indicts the hierarchy and every Conciliar "Pope" since the death of Pope Pius XII in October 1958. Apostasy is not too strong a word to explain it. This makes the Sedevacante position look totally reasonable in comparison to all those remaining silent in the face of this PURE EVIL. Thank you for outing the Truth. To paraphrase a famous US President..."People have to know their President is not a crook.." Likewise the sheep have to know their Pope(s) et al are not heretics and/or apostates" The preponderance of evidence since 1958 says proves "Yes, they are and have been and continue to be..right up to this very second" ....The Sister Lucy hoax just closes the loop....even more so than the Pachamamma fiasco. Dr C, May the Lord and His Mother continue to bless the efforts of you and your team. Truth will Our Lady of Fatima Promised.


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