Breaking News: New Linguistic Report Shows "Sister Lucy" in 2000 Interview Does Not Have the Portuguese Accent of the Aljustrel (Fatima) Region Nor Of the Portuguese Countryside, but of the City of Coimbra and suburbs. Translation of Relevant which "Sister Lucy" has to be told "her" own age.....and the Full Linguistic Report Coming Soon.

Country Girl vs. City Girl
A Linguistic "Finger Print" About to be Released.

Dr. Chojnowski: A just spoke with an old friend of mine, who I have not seen nor spoken with for 23 years. Speaking over the phone, he commented, "well, you have kept your East Coast accent!" I have not lived on the East Coast for 26 years, having lived in Mid-Western and Western States since that time. Accents, may soften but they are an indication of your origins. On the East Coast of the USA there are many, many different accents. In my homestate of Connecticut, I could easily identify the region of Connecticut that the speaker came from. I could identify at least 4 distinct accents in the small state of Connecticut alone. In fact, people in Central Connecticut could even identy the local "New Britain" accent of my relatives. Such is the wonderful linguistic finger prints that add richness to the life of men and can also help us identify the imposter who took the place of Sister Lucy of Fatima. 


  1. On the left, dear Sr Lucy, or what is sadly known as a "bitter evil sedevacantist" and on the right someone who encourages full communion with the representatives of Antichrist in the Vatican.

  2. I wonder what evil they did. All the young pictures of the real Sister Lucy never show her laughing. She may smile but the smile is serious ... if such can be said. The much photographed laughing Sister Lucy hardly ever looks serious. The 'looks' on a persons face say a lot, I think. The real Sister Lucy carries the burden of the Great Secret in her heart all the time. and it shows in her expressions. She has seen hell too. She also has seen her bosom companions, the only ones she could talk to about their breath taking experiences, die so very young. The other Sister Lucy's face doesn't carry the same concerns. Nonchalant. Easily provoked to laughter. I wonder how they ever convinced a woman to play this role. What benefits are in it for her? Not much. Thank you for doing this, Dr. Chojnowski.


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