"Fatima Priest," written by Chris Ferrara about Fr. Nicholas Gruner, acknowledged 20 years ago that a Fake Sister Lucy was paraded before a cardinal, a bishop, and Carlos Evaristo. Also, states that her blood-sister Caroline, did not see Lucy face to face for 40 years. Why didn't Fr. Gruner call the Cops?

Josef Ratzinger. In charge of the Fatima Imposture for 30 years  (1982-2013)
Book Indicates that Carlos Evaristo Worked for Fr. Gruner in 1992 when the Famous Interview with "Sister Lucy" took place. A follow-up interview took place a year later in 1993. Text acknowledges that Cardinal Ratzinger was "the man truly in charge of access to her." Indicted!
Here is the relevant text from Fatima Priest by Francis Alban with Christopher Ferrara (Pound Ridge, NY: Good Counsel Publications, 1997), pp. 151-153.

Speaking about the October 11, 1992 meeting between the cardinal, the bishop, Carlos Evaristo, Mother Prioress of the Coimbra Carmel and "Sister Lucy," Fatima Priest states, "Enter the 'Oscar' nominee performers: Mother Superior and Carlos Evaristo. Enter the woman in a Carmelite habit who had the appearance of being Sister Lucy....The Play Begins: 'Sister Lucy will receive you," says an extern sister returning from making the arrangements. The doors open in the audience room. Two Carmelites are waiting just inside. One the left stands Mother Prioress. The nun on the right was presented as Lucy dos Santos, the most famous nun of the 20th century. She turned 10 years old seven months before the 1917 November Revolution in Russia....Now she is 85. [N.B.,] 'Much shorter than was expected.' Evaristo reported. [N.B.,] She wears the habit of the Carmelites which, amazingly, does not properly fit her.
      After initial instructions, the 'players' move to an adjacent room where they sit down facing each other, with no grille between them, totally contrary to the customary rule adhered to for the past 400 years, both her and at all Discalced Carmelite Convents....The Cardinal and the bishop were 'very nervous' according to Evaristo. And well they should have been. Unable to speak Portuguese, they were unknowingly about to participate in a great work of fiction, THE LIKES OF WHICH HAD NEVER BEEN HEARD IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF FATIMA [emphasis mine]. It would be entitled, Two Hours with Sister Lucy, the pamphlet Evaristo would fabricate claiming to be based on the "interview" with Sister Lucy....This performance that would follow the words about to be spoken, would starkly and cruelly suggest that Catholics who grew up believing in Fatima had been lied to at their mother's knee and been victims of disinformation for 75 years."

The book then implies that this interview --- actually there were two, one on October 11, 1992 and October 11, 1993 --- were unique events and the real Sister Lucy was somehow still in the convent in Coimbra but, for this interview, an imposter was put out. "For seven and a half decades, this dear nun had been sheltered, shielded, protected by the Church."

The text then indicates the person who was the gate-keeper to "Sister Lucy"during those years: "Then follows the long list of addresses and bishops and Cardinals all standing in line to say 'No' to you, all apparently on behalf of the man TRULY IN CHARGE OF ACCESS TO HER, CARDINAL RATZINGER."

"And, in spite of all that, the two hour interview about to take place occurs while this secluded nun, cloistered for all of her adult life, sits facing and holding hands with a man she has never laid eyes on before, who is neither Cardinal nor bishop, but rather one Evaristo, a minor employee of Father Gruner's Apostolate who has chauffeured the dignitaries to Coimbra....Arguing that it was indeed Sister Lucy they saw, Evaristo said to Brother Francois de Marie des Anges, 'It was her. There is no doubt about it. I touched her face. I embraced her.' Touched her face? Embraced her? A Carmelite whom mere bishops and Archbishops cannot approach without Vatican [Cardinal Ratzinger's] approval? A man who was not able to see her own blood-sister Caroline for over 40 years except through the grille and then only when surrounded by half the community. Embraced by a stranger?...When Brother Francois challenged him, 'You have no decisive proof that you were in the presence of Sister Lucy.' Evaristo made the astounding reply, 'She was sitting in front of me. She held my hand like this for two hours.' For any cloistered nun to hold hands with a stranger for two hours is a curious business. For this particular cloistered nun it is unimaginable."

[The authors, Francis Alban and Chris Ferrara with the obvious approval of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the book also bears a forward by Fr. Malachi Martin, draw the following conclusions concerning this meeting] "The Evaristo pamphlet presents a NEW SISTER LUCY who serves as the PATHETIC VENTRILOQUIST'S DUMMY OF THE ANTI-FATIMA FORCES, obediently repudiating everything Sister Lucy of Fatima had said before. The pamphlet is a veritable cavalcade of capitulation in which the new Sister Lucy finds a way to consign to oblivion what the old Sister Lucy had told the entire world."

Dr. Chojnowski: And now what? Look into the fact that an imposter "Sister Lucy" was being put before the public and ecclesiastics as the real one, all the while changing the Fatima message 180 degrees? Attempt to find out where the real Sister Lucy was or determine what happened to her? But the Fatima Center never did this. They seemed to have dropped the issue completely. Wouldn't it matter? Couldn't the millions of dollars raised be used to launch an investigation into the fraud that was being perpetrated? Would not discovering the answer to this apparent crime make clear so much of what was happening with regard to the Catholic Church and the Fatima Message itself, even with regard to the Consecration of Russia? Did you spend 1/3 of a century begging the Consecration of Russia from those who had "disappeared" Sister Lucy dos Santos, the remaining seer of Fatima and the Messenger of Our Lady? The one who had Our Lord, Our Lady, St. Joseph, the Holy Trinity appear to her and entrust to her the Message that was meant to save the modern world, having the greatest public miracle since the Resurrection, seen by 70,000 people, as the divine seal of approval? Why did you turn away in indifference to a fact you clearly recognized 20 years before Fr. Gruner's death? Why not call out the perpetrators? Why was this not a central focus of the Fatima Apostolate? 

I have no answers to the above questions, yet. However, we at Sister Lucy Truth will not let this go until we find out the full truth and achieve justice. Promise. God wills it!

Update: Observation: Even Carlos Evaristo seems to appreciate the imposture when he sees it by indicating that "Sister Lucy" was shorter than he expected. Also, question, Evaristo indicates that "Sister Lucy's" Carmelite habit was "ill-fitting." Is this some indication that the imposter was not even a real Carmelite but only an actress posing as a Carmelite? We don't know at all, but the fact of an "ill-fitting" habit --- which was so "ill-fitting" that it even struck Evaristo, is interesting. 


  1. Excellent point: The Fatima Center suspected a Sr. Lucy impostor (but only when she said the Consecration no longer needed to be done). They had vastly greater resources than Dr. Chojnowski to launch an investigation of their own, so why didn't they care?

    They apparently did care about covering up the truth when, according to Evaristo, they used bribery and other underhanded tactics to keep the witnesses of the infamous interview quiet.

    Fr. Gruner had a chance in a lifetime; what he supposedly hoped and dreamed for decades of his life, a meeting with "Sister Lucy". At the end of the infamous interview of October 11, 1992, "Lucy" agreed with Evaristo to meet with Fr. Gruner. If Fr. Gruner really cared, he would've made sure he was outside the convent one hour earlier than the scheduled appointment. Instead he was 25 minutes late! Blamed it on Evaristo, the chauffeur. A bus load of bishops made it there a quarter of an hour ahead of Fr. Gruner, and they weren't even invited.

    Apparently, Fr. Gruner did not really care.

  2. What is said and done in the dark will come to light...thanks to Our Lord and Lady and the faithful praying the Rosary and continuing First Saturday devotions...the light is piercing through the vail, thanks to Dr. Chojnowski, financial supports, and the field of experts solving the case. Pray much because as the case is further opened the flack will get stronger because the Freemason mophia of new-church will surely put obsticles to full disclosure. Shame that the false Trads like Ferrara and company prefer the fog than pleasing Our Lord and Lady with many mea copas and getting on with the business at hand to help Dr. Chojnowski open wide this criminal case.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

  3. Oh so we find that Ratzinger was the official Lucy gatekeeper. Joe with 13 rabbis on his mothers
    side, essential figure in the Vatican 2 debacle along with Karol and his Judean heritage on his mothers side. Karol who first visited the synagogue and renounced all christian teachings against
    the Jews and wore the colors of the jewish high priesthood in the jubilee year 2000.. Oh and the satanic miter of dear "conservative" gatekeeper Joe is available and explained in detail on the internet for anyone who cares to make the search.. The truth is unpleasant, but then Our Lord dealt with the very ugly truth.

  4. Pray the Holy Face Devotion for Sr Lucy truth. Approved by the holy popes and raised to an Archconfraternity. http://www.holyfacedevotion.com/devotion.htm

  5. It is not too surprising: suppress the Secret-- disappear the Seer.
    One big smoky satanic obfuscation operation.
    Pope Benedict, who was Cardinal Ratzinger, has nothing to gain by participating/co-operating in such vain anti-Fatima skulduggery, because "the Holy Father will have much to suffer".

    And take a look at the dates of the two fake interviews: October 11 of 1992, and 1993.
    Both interviews on the 'eleventh' of the month is more than co-incidental.
    Eleven is the cabalistic power number, and is often the temporal site of organized sinister works of darkness (e.g. the assassination of JFK was executed on the (2x11=) 22nd day of the 11th month).
    Eleven (or its multiple) functions as a vice-signaling 'dog whistle', which should raise a red flag of suspicion for the informed believer.

  6. When the truth is made public this will be the catalyst that will bring down the Vatican II cult and her false popes. The Bride of Christ will emerge from the catacombs pure and perfect. Christ Our lady and the Church will triumph. I believe a supernatural event will place a Holy Pope on St. Peter's throne to lead the Church and many Schismatics back to truth.

  7. "Why did you turn away in indifference to a fact you clearly recognized 20 years before Fr. Gruner's death? Why not call out the perpetrators? Why was this not a central focus of the Fatima Apostolate?"

    Hello Dr. Chojnowski, did you try to bring these questions to Fr. Gruner's attention many years ago? Did you tell Fr. Gruner to do an investigation to determine if the Sister Lucy we saw was real or fake?

    1. I did not know anything about all of this 20 years ago. I only began to suspect some problem with "Sister Lucy" when I read the two TIA articles in 2017. This was after both Fr. Gruner and John Vennari had died. In all of my 16 years associating with the Fatima Center, I never heard discussion of any imposter "Sister Lucy." In the above quotation that you cite, I am speaking to the Fatima Center concerning the account given of the Evaristo meeting in "Fatima Priest."

  8. It appears Fr. Gruner sabotaged a golden opportunity to set the record straight regarding "Sr. Lucy's" identity.

    In the first edition of the book, "Fatima Priest", Fr. Gruner's biographer recounts how "Sr. Lucy" agreed to meet with Fr. Gruner and Cardinal Padiyara. The meeting was set for Oct. 12, 1992 (the day after the infamous Evaristo interview). The Mother Prioress also gave her own permission.

    You'd think Fr. Gruner and his friends would make serious plans and take the greatest of all precautions to guarantee he would get to the meeting on time, and ahead of time. But what actually happened boggles the mind. Fr. Gruner seemed reluctant to know the truth: Evaristo, a man Fr. Gruner supposedly no longer trusted, would be chosen of all people(!!!) to be the driver and interpreter for Fr. Gruner. Didn't anyone notice the obvious conflict of interest?

    Was Evaristo chosen because the Fatima Center wanted a way out? If the meeting had taken place, then Evaristo could conveniently be accused of lying again--depending on Evaristo's interpretation of "Sr. Lucy's" message.

    On the day of the meeting, Fr. Gruner chose to wait for Evaristo, even though it was getting too late. Finally, Father decided to take a cab to the convent, arriving 25 minutes after the scheduled meeting was to have taken place(!!!) Of course, the convent cancelled the meeting.

    Father's biographer lamented: "The most dramatic meeting imaginable between two of the world's most devoted Fatima names never happened because a non-entity named Evaristo claimed to be 'tired' and had a punctured muffler, which he repeatedly avoided repairing." There we have it.

    The Fatima Center failed to take responsibility for their own incredible apathy and negligence. Fr. Gruner was handed a golden opportunity on a silver platter but carelessly (or conveniently?) left it all in the unreliable hands of his chauffeur. It's obvious the Fatima Center doesn't want the truth to come out. The truth would interfere with their mission to keep the "Traditionalists" attached to a false pope, in the the vain hope he would consecrate Russia.

    1. You are correct in you assumptions! Carlos Evaristo

  9. I read Fatima Priest many years ago when I supported Fr Gruner, before the ongoing sede vacante became obvious to me. Somehow, I never picked up on the implications. Thank you for pointing this out.

  10. According to his Wikipedia page, in addition to promoting the counterfeit Sr. Lucia. Carlos Evaristo has a couple of rather peculiar items for an ostensibly traditional Catholic included in his C.V.:

    * "In August 2002, with permission from Elvis Presley Enterprises and Lisa Marie Presley, Evaristo organized "Elvisfest" in Ourém, Portugal, the largest celebration in Europe honoring the memory of Singer Elvis Presley on the 25th anniversary of his death."

    * Oh, wait. Here's a little something to establish his "traditional" credentials of sorts: Evarista "was awarded the Traditional Tibetan Peace Award (Katoq),conferred by the Dalai Lama of Tibet..."

    1. So much igorance in the World. The Elvis Fest was organized by the Foundation I am a part of and the same Foundation's President at the time D. Duarte, Duke of Bragança invited the Dali Lama to come to Fatima to pray for Peace. He gives these scarves to all of the diginataries he meets. He gave one to the President of the Country and to the Bishop of Fatima as well. How Stupid Fatima Conspiracy Theorists can be is overwhelming. Carlos Evaristo.

  11. I would be very careful with anything involving Malachi Martin. He had a very questionable past, and suddenly became involved in "traditionalist" circles. Reminds me of certain former(?) freemasons who now have to gall to teach us about the papacy. Yes, stay away from Malachi Martin.

    Some info here but could be the tip of the iceberg:



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