The Prophecy, Consecration, Triumph and Secret of Fatima explained by Si...


  1. I couldn't stand this movie to the end. So much nonsense and insult to my intelligence. But it is the proof that dr Chojnowski is right and Mr. Evaristo is wrong. Who needs more to understand that sister Lucy was fake.

  2. Well, you have proved, that this guy, is either a dupe or a liar, despite his holier than thou and aren't I clever and on the ball shtick.

    And its interesting that the Fatima Centre were happy to entertain the imposter Sister Lucy theory, when it was needed to defend their narrative, but now, that there is substantial evidence, that this is the case, nothing at all, not even an attempt to question or refute.

  3. I watched the whole video and the man seems persuasive...yet his explanation that Sr. Lucia was just misunderstood and misinterpreted all those years is simply not feasible. Would all those in the hierarchy involved with its safeguarding be sloppy with the translation of the secret, relying on those who were careless or purposely manipulative in such matters? My guess is that the hierarchy would get several translations from several trusted and gifted translators, compare them to find the accurate translation, THEN do whatever manipulating themselves (if that later seemed necessary).


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