Sister Lucy Truth Coming to Facebook Soon! Using Social Media to Expose one of the Greatest Frauds Ever Perpetrated. Details and Links Coming Soon.

Sister Lucy Truth Meets Mark Zuckerberg. You've Got to Do What You've Got to Do. 
We are already on Youtube!


  1. Bad idea no good will come of it. Facebook is an anti Catholic organization that has ties to the demonic.

  2. Good idea. Many anti-Modernist pages are on FB, and the ability to share posts from Sr Lucy Truth will bring the issue to many more Catholics, including many priests. FB is simply a tool

  3. There are a couple of sites that have some impact that I would suggest you try to get your research to. Winter Watch run by Russ Winter. He is very diligent in his uncovering of modern crime operations. His site is rather phenomenal. I think he would have a real interest in your research. Also the Unz review is extremely effective at the same thing. very professional. The MSM and catholic media have no interest in the truth....just regurgitate BS for the Vatican 2 cottage industry and get their take. They never will really threaten the status quo. Jay may be right, facebook is probably not ultimately going to be your friend.


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