New Facebook Page for Sister Lucy Truth Established. Our Entrance into Social Media Indicates that We will NOT Back Down.

The Sister Lucy Truth Facebook page is now public! You can find the page by searching for Sister Lucy Truth on Facebook or by clicking here: 

We will be using this page to post updates about the Sr. Lucy Truth project. We will also be able to post and share content more suited for social media, which can be easily shared and spread.

Please like and follow the page and share it with your friends and others on Facebook. When you like and follow and share a page and its posts, these actions push Facebook's algorithms to pay attention to it and recommend it to other Facebook users. Without your proactive support, this work will remain hidden. It is critical that we spread awareness of this project and the truth along with offer our prayers and support to it. The Sr. Lucy Truth project depends entirely on the support of its viewers and donors. Thank you and God bless you!


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